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First round of conversion optimization testing leads to huge results for online survey pioneer

81% more paid subscriptions, 58% higher revenue!

Last updated: August 13, 2013

Find out how Zoomerang, the world’s first web-based survey tool, gained 81% more paid subscriptions and 58% more revenue with the implementation of a Conversion Optimization strategy.

Business Freemium
Sector Online Surveys
Optimized Conversion Signups & Revenue
Test A/B/n Split Test
Website www.zoomerang.com

The client: Zoomerang

Zoomerang, introduced by MarketTools in 1999, is the world’s first web-based survey tool. Zoomerang Surveys and Polls are fast, easy-to-use and powerful. Zoomerang provides customizable survey templates for the most common questions including customer satisfaction, meeting feedback, product feedback, event planning, online voting and hundreds more. Millions of individuals and thousands of businesses, non-profits and educational institutions trust Zoomerang to help them make more informed decisions with minimal cost and effort.

The business need

In order to stimulate product adoption, Zoomerang offers a Freemium model where the basic service is free of charge, and it charges a fee for advanced features and functionality. While this strategy has proven successful at maximizing the volume of online signups, revenue generation has ended up being delayed as many customers begin with the free service then have to be converted to a paid subscription in-product.

Laura Moon, Zoomerang’s Director of Marketing & Product Strategy, needed to increase the overall customer lifetime value with more paid subscriptions upfront while keeping the overall volume of signups high.

The challenges

Zoomerang’s team of seasoned online marketing professionals firmly believed in Conversion Optimization testing as a means of maximizing the impact of website changes on their business. To ensure they were making the best decisions, the team knew that any change to Zoomerang’s value propositions and/or website had to be tested before being fully implemented. However, management faced the following challenges:

  1. To increase paid subscriptions upfront, management knew it had to clearly differentiate its product editions and show the value of paid subscriptions vs. free without depressing overall signups for customers who only needed the basic offering. Such a change is difficult to articulate and risky to execute successfully.
  2. Tracking multiple conversions such as signups and revenue on multiple products is not straightforward. They knew they needed custom development work to integrate Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer reporting.
  3. They didn’t have the in-house bandwidth to develop and implement a Conversion Optimization strategy. In the past, the team had outsourced the project to an agency but had not been satisfied with the results. The improvements had been so inconsequential that the tests never reached statistical significance. Yet it needed bench-strength to pull this off.

So, after further research and meeting the WiderFunnel Marketing team at an industry conference and validating credentials, the Zoomerang team turned the project over to WiderFunnel.

The solution

As a top-tier full-service Conversion Optimization agency, WiderFunnel has run countless Conversion Optimization tests for every size of business since its inception in 2007. From single-product E-tailers, all the way to Fortune 50 companies.

WiderFunnel used its proprietary Kaizen Method™ to plan and execute a customized Conversion Optimization strategy for Zoomerang. Steps included:

  1. In-depth analytics audit of the Zoomerang website
  2. Review of various market research data supplied by Zoomerang
  3. Analysis of conversion issues and prioritization of pages and funnels to test
  4. LIFT Framework™ planning and hypothesis creation for each test
  5. Design and copywriting
  6. HTML/CSS build and QA
  7. Technical install
  8. Funnel experiment (test) launch
  9. Results analysis to assimilate learning into the customized Zoomerang website “Playbook”
    The Kaizen Plan revealed a number of opportunities for improving both conversion rates and revenue. For this Test Round, WiderFunnel A/B/n tested five radically different Variations of the Home Page.

The results: 81% more paid subscriptions, 58% higher revenue!

zoomerang control
Fig. 1: Test #1 Original (Control)

All five tested Variations increased signups for both Free and Paid accounts.

Most remarkably, once results reached statistical significance, two Variations had a signup conversion rate lift of more than 23% each.

WiderFunnel also tracked revenues (as defined by the estimated customer lifetime value) for each tested Variation and was able to identify that, while two Variations delivered the same increase in signups, one was the clear winner with a revenue gain of 58% over the original homepage.

The revenue lift was entirely due to an 81% increase in paid subscription signups.

zoomerang winner
Fig. 2: Test #1 Winner: 23% more overall signups, 81% more paid subscriptions, 58% more revenue

By testing new layout approaches, Call-to-Action wording, embedded vs. off-page forms and value proposition content, WiderFunnel was able to identify key variables that contributed to conversion rate and revenue improvement on the Zoomerang Home Page.

Going forward, the Zoomerang team are already engaged with WiderFunnel for more test rounds on the Home Page as well as other pages in the Zoomerang conversion funnel further improving Zoomerang’s success.

Learn how WiderFunnel can help you increase your conversion rates and revenue too.

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