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Optimizing the home page for maximum eCommerce sales

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Coastal Contacts WiderFunnel Case Study
Website http://www.coastalcontacts.com/

Coastal Contacts, a subsidiary of Coastal Contacts Inc., a publicly traded company, is the premiere online direct-to-consumer marketer of replacement contact lenses and optical products. Coastal Contacts sells brand name contact lenses and accessories, delivering the highest quality eye care products at the guaranteed lowest prices anywhere on the globe.

The Business Need

Coastal Contacts is focused on maintaining its aggressive growth record, which contributes to the value of its market capitalization and its shareholders’ investments and, as part of its stated goals, the company strives to continually improve all areas of its business.

From a profitability perspective, the key for Coastal Contacts is to drive traffic to its websites and find innovative ways to continually sell and cross-sell to as many of its web visitors as possible, thereby improving the ROI on its online advertising investment.

The eCommerce Conversion Optimization Challenges

Coastal Contacts faces significant challenges in driving traffic to its site: media costs are escalating, “prime placement” is becoming scarce, pay-per-click key words are being outbid and email effectiveness is declining.

As a result, Coastal Contacts had to find a way to increase the online conversion rate of the anonymous traffic coming to their site by improving their website visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

This, in turn, would improve ROI on their marketing spend.

The eCommerce Conversion Testing Solution

Working with WiderFunnel Marketing, Coastal Contacts initiated a pilot program with the objective of optimizing the online conversion rate of their Home Page in their US-operations website at CoastalContacts.com.

In order to determine the online presentation that would optimize the website’s visitor-to-customer conversion rate, WiderFunnel Marketing used its proprietary Kaizen Method™ and L.I.F.T. Model™ to develop a Funnel Experiment™ testing strategy.

The testing strategy encompassed 48 total Combinations to be tested, made up of:

  • Four variable SwapBoxes™ (Main image, Sell Copy (including Headline and Support Points), Call-to-action Button and Shipping Offer)
  • Between 2 and 4 Variations for each SwapBox

WiderFunnel Marketing recommended Coastal Contacts deploy Google Website Optimizer as its testing and optimization platform.

Once statistically significant data was collected, WiderFunnel analyzed results and presented to Coastal Contacts for rollout.

The Results

The results have been outstanding.

Of the 48 different tests WiderFunnel Marketing, using Google Website Optimizer, developed to optimize the sales conversion rate from the home page, the winning combination lifted the sales conversion rate by 29% above the Control!

Coastal Contacts Feedback

“We value the insights WiderFunnel enabled, as the tests have made us aware of the fact that the optimal way to determine the home page design is through testing it live with real customers. This has ensured our new home page is the one that generates the highest sales for Coastal Contacts – without having to ‘guess’ what might work best.”

Stefan Hawes
VP Marketing


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