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Online business supplies retailer uses landing page optimization to lift order form entrances by 210%

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Website http://www.overnightprints.com/

The Client: Overnight Prints

Overnightprints.com (ONP) is one of the leading online printers of customized printed products in the United States and Europe. Products include business cards, postcards, letterhead, envelopes, stamps and more. The Company provides cost effective, high quality, custom office stationary products to both general consumers and small businesses.

ONP allows customers to either design their printed products free of charge through online design software, or upload their pre-built design to the website. Once purchased through the website, OvernightPrints’ manufacturing facilities print, box and ship orders within 24 hours. The company is the go-to source for fast turnaround premium quality printed products at tremendous value prices, delivering high quality printed materials to customers anywhere on the globe.

ONP targets Graphic Design/Marketing Agencies, Small business owners and, “chief memory officers” in homes.

The Business Need

Overnight Prints enjoys a significant volume of unique visitors coming to their website each month from a combination of paid and organic sources. However, management recently discovered that the conversion rate of this traffic on one on their main landing pages for its business card printing services was below expectations.

In order to meet its business objectives, they needed to quickly improve the conversion rate on this page.

Rather than make opinion-based design and copy changes to the page, management decided it needed to make data-driven decisions by first running statistically valid tests on the page.

The Challenges

Overnight Prints management recognized that, in order to run statistically valid tests that would improve the conversion rate on their business card printing product page, it faced considerable obstacles, including:

  • No internal resources available with expertise in developing an online testing strategy, hypotheses and wireframe variations that would measurably improve the conversion rate
  • Limited budget and high perceived risk of investing in testing technology without first demonstrating the value of a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy

The Solution

Overnight Prints engaged WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, a Conversion Optimization and Analytics services company, to plan, develop and execute a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy.

The strategy WiderFunnel recommended and executed included an A/B/n experiment to quickly establish a higher starting point for further optimization.

In this real-time, controlled-environment test, WiderFunnel developed hypotheses, graphic design, copy, and HTML code for the test variations, which were tested with live web visitors (unaware they are being shown variations of a web page).

The testing tool of choice was Google Website Optimizer.

The Results

All three test Variations WiderFunnel created generated conversion rate lift over the original (also known as the Control) page, with a minimum of 156% lift. The Control page design is shown in Figure 1.1.

The winning variation (Figure 1.2) increased the percentage of visitors designing their own business cards or uploading a design by 210% above the Control.

Overnight Prints Control

Fig. 1: Original (Control) Landing Page
Overnight Prints Variation

Fig. 2: Winning Test Page
210% uplift in conversions!


“Our engagement with WiderFunnel has been incredibility valuable – not only have we been able to substantially increase our business card printing sales, but we are also leveraging the insights we gleaned from WiderFunnel’s tests to optimize our subsequent landing pages and to increase our conversions across other product landing pages.”

Brian Salau Beck

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