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Montway captures an extra $1M in bookings in just 7 months

WiderFunnel's structured, continuous approach to conversion optimization drives bookings

Last updated: July 15, 2014

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Solution Marketing optimization system
Website www.montway.com
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Montway Inc. is a specialty car moving and shipping company. They provide fast, safe, and secure door-to-door vehicle delivery for auto dealers, classic car collectors, and other customers requiring superior moving services for their vehicles.

Montway maintains both a Carrier and Broker License. That means they have their own fleet of car moving trucks and are also licensed to access and deploy independent car hauling fleets in the US nationwide, so customers always get the most choice and best price.

The business need: more web bookings

In Montway’s consumer business, prospects arrive on landing pages with three options: fill in a quote request form, call to speak with a service rep, or bounce off the site. Montway needed to improve the conversion rate for form fills and phone calls while maintaining a high quality of leads to their customer service team.

The end goal? More web bookings.

Challenges faced

Montway had hired well-known landing page optimization consultants in the past, but hadn’t experienced sales improvement. They’d received plenty of opinions, analysis, and even new page wireframes, but saw no accountability for delivering results. The Montway team knew they needed a full-scale marketing optimization program and chose WiderFunnel’s Optimization System™.

Montway needed a structured and continuous approach to marketing improvement, but they had no team members with deep conversion optimization experience. They didn’t have a source of proven winning UX and persuasion principles to pull from and their landing page funnels already incorporated the best ideas they had. They needed an experienced team to bring a proven process, new ideas to make dramatic improvements to the business — not just small tweaks, and someone who would take responsibility for results, not just give easy answers and opinions.

The solution: marketing optimization system

WiderFunnel’s Marketing Optimization System begins with an in-depth discovery phase using a combination of qualitative information like user testing, voice of customer surveys, and heuristic analysis with quantitative web analytics data and click heatmap tracking. From that foundation, WiderFunnel’s strategists developed a Kaizen Plan – the conversion optimization strategy that included in an in-depth client workshop to align goals, roles, and target marketing understanding.

The Kaizen Plan focused the team’s efforts on the top optimization target areas such as site-wide page columns, navigation, site-wide quote forms, landing pages, and other areas. All target areas were prioritized according to WiderFunnel’s PIE framework™, which gauges each opportunity’s Potential, Importance, and Ease of each area from quantitative and qualitative data inputs.

For each target area, WiderFunnel’s strategists then used their proprietary LIFT Model™ to analyze every element that could be reducing the conversion rate. The expert team analyzed the pages and pulled from their database of thousands of previous tests. They identified hundreds of conversion barriers throughout Montway customers’ journeys related to the six conversion factors: Distraction, Relevance, Clarity, Anxiety, Urgency and Value Proposition as well as 43 sub-factors.

LIFT Model

The WiderFunnel team then planned and developed rapidly iterative series of controlled A/B/n split tests to discover and prove what works best. Visitors to the website were randomly shown one of several variations and then tracked to find which page variations maximized leads. The variations were always tested against the original (or Control) pages and measured to at least 95% confidence level of statistical significance.

Segmented test

Both online and phone conversions were tracked for each variation. To obtain insightful call quality data, the Montway team implemented call tracking solution provider, Ifbyphone.

Finally, WiderFunnel performed ongoing analysis of test results to evolve the Kaizen Plan and create ever-improving test plans.

The result: a million-dollar boost in web bookings in just 7 months!

The WiderFunnel team focused on several core areas to test. Here are the top two:

1) Home page

WiderFunnel’s conversion experts flagged a variety of conversion barriers on the existing home page. There were distracting design elements, copy that didn’t communication the value propositions clearly, and a banner image that took up too much space – pushing the all-important quote request form down the page. The overall design looked dated, which can affect a company’s credibility if they’re seen as being “behind the times.”

The WiderFunnel team worked to improve the clarity of the imagery and value proposition. Design changes moved the form above the fold. And the copy was rewritten to emphasise the value Montway delivers to their customers, and to make it easier to scan.

The first goal of this page is to encourage visitors to fill in the “Get an Instant Quote” form. At first blush, the results of this test seemed disappointing, with the “winning” variation only showing a 0.7% bump in form completions, and the second version actually showing a slight drop.

But Montway doesn’t make money when someone requests a quote – they make money when someone books a vehicle transport. And, by measuring the booking rate, we see the true winner. Variation A boosted the number of web bookings – revenue-producing web bookings – by over 40%!

Montway before Montway after
The original home page (left) and the winning variation (right) which lifted web bookings by over 40%

So, how could the test have so little affect on the number of people who request a quote, but result in such a massive lift in real web bookings? The conversion specialists believe the new clarity on the page – including clearer value propositions and messaging – meant that once people went to fill in the form, they were more likely to accept the quote and continue the booking process. Instead of just getting the quote but not being sold on the company, visitors to the new variation were more aware of the value Montway brings to their service when they received their actual quote.

In other words, the winning page actually produced higher quality leads that were more likely to convert to customers!
With the home page seeing a great improvement, WiderFunnel’s team moved on to the next priority.

2) The quote page

Once a visitor completes the “Get an Instant Quote” form, they land on the results page, which displays their quote and offers the chance to book the move. The original version of this page was crowded with details of the quote. As often happens on transactional pages like this, there were too many distractions, and the information wasn’t clearly presented. There were also some confusing messaging and options offered that disrupted the sales process.

The WiderFunnel team used their proven UX and persuasion principles to clarify the information presentation, add consistent value proposition copy, and clean up the design to remove distractions. They developed four variations to test – including one focused on price and another minimalist approach – and started the test.

Montway-before-quota Montway-after-quota
The original Quote page (left) and the winning variation (right) which lifted web bookings by 27%

Once statistical significance in the test had been achieved, the winning variation jumped Montway’s overall web bookings – phone and online – by 27%!

Note that, because this test was isolated from the home page test, this 27% was an additional gain over the 40% boost from the homepage test. Plus, since Montway opted for WiderFunnel’s Optimization System, which uses a continuous cycle of improvement tests, their consultants took learnings from these first two tests to make subsequent tests even more focused and relevant.

These winning tests – along with subsequent tests – added over a million dollars in new web bookings to Montway’s bottom line in just 7 months, without extra spending on advertising, traffic, or staff time.

Conversion rate optimization tip

Make sure you track the right goals. In Montway’s case, if the goal had been to improve the number of people filling in the quote request form (which dropped slightly), then they could have missed a 40% bump in actual web bookings. Make sure the goals you are testing for are closely aligned with your business objectives. Generally, that means measuring the money.

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