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B2B marketer gets 290% more webinar pre-registration leads with conversion optimization

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Environics Analytics WiderFunnel Case Study
Website: www.environicsanalytics.ca
Case study: Environics Analytics Case Study PDF

The Client: Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics helps businesses reach their customers more effectively by building consumer market insights. Their analytical services give a detailed view of the marketplace and deliver market-driven solutions specifically created for each client.

To deliver these solutions, Environics Analytics’ highly-specialized team combines understanding of business challenges with proprietary techniques and comprehensive data.

The Business Need

Every five years, Statistics Canada releases the results of the Canadian Census in installments. As they normally did when these data sets were released, Environics Analytics’ Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer presented a webinar to provide demographic insights to the company’s customers and prospects.

This webinar represented a significant awareness and business development opportunity—and a critical component to Environics Analytics’ inbound marketing strategy. Another opportunity like this would not occur for several months and the company needed to maximize attendance.

The Challenges

Environics Analytics had been running similar webinars in the past and, while traffic to the website was significant, webinar registrations were disappointing. Too many website visitors were leaving the website without registering.

The Environics Analytics team knew they needed to improve their webinar registration conversion rate. They believed improvements to the webinar ad on their website could improve registrations, but they weren’t sure which changes to make. Without an experienced conversion optimization team on staff, they risked making changes that could further harm registrations.

The Solution

Environics Analytics hired WiderFunnel, the conversion optimization agency, to plan, develop and drive a conversion optimization testing plan for the webinar. WiderFunnel developed a controlled scientific experiment where alternative content was presented to website visitors in order to determine which presentation would optimize the website’s webinar registration conversion rate.

Using its 7-step testing system, including the proprietary LIFT™ Model to analyze the page, WiderFunnel strategists developed a test plan to maximize registrations to improve registration results from the original “Control” ad, shown in Fig. 1.

Environics Analytics Control
Fig. 1: “Control” webinar ad

The test plan defined how the test would be structured, including the:

  • LIFT Analysis, which identified significant harmful Clarity, Urgency and Relevance factors that were affecting the conversion rate
  • Test structure as an A/B experiment with one variation against the Control to rapidly achieve statistically significant results within a short testing timeframe
  • Hypotheses to be included in the experiment Challenger ad variation
  • The recommended testing and optimization software to achieve reliable results

The Result: 290 % Webinar Pre-Registration Conversion Rate Lift!

The results of the experiment showed a remarkable conversion rate lift from using WiderFunnel’s design Challenger, shown in Fig. 2

Environics Analytics Challenger
Fig. 2: Winning Challenger webinar ad

Pre-Seminar Registration Results

On the day of the webinar, two hours prior to the start, the Challenger had already achieved a statistically significant test result showing nearly triple the pre-registrations of the original!

  • Control = 3.2 %
  • Challenger = 12.5%
  • Conversion Rate Lift = 290%

Final Hour Urgency

The WiderFunnel strategists continued the experiment until the webinar began and found an interesting result. The conversion rate for both the Control and the Challenger spiked dramatically in the final hour before the webinar.
WiderFunnel’s Challenger variation still increased the conversion rate by 27%, but the time urgency had decreased the performance difference between the variations.

  • Control = 19.5%
  • Challenger = 24.9%
  • Conversion Rate Lift = 27%

The strategists’ analysis showed that as the webinar began, the Urgency for visitors to join the seminar increased. The result was that more prospective viewers in both the Control and Challenger test groups overcame any conversion-inhibiting barriers in the page design. The conversion rate for both control and test conversion rates spiked – with the Challenger version remaining the highest-converting in the test.

In the end, the WiderFunnel-designed Challenger version of the promo ad gave a tremendous lift to Environics Analytics webinar pre-registrations conversions, nearly tripling the registration conversion rate.

As an organization that values web seminars to enhance the sales relationship, Environics Analytics gained from the experiment by now having a new default design for running further experiments to continually improve.

The fluctuation in the late-stage conversion rate also reinforced and validated the importance of the Urgency component for conversion optimization, one of the six key conversion factors in WiderFunnel’s LIFT Model.

“Wider Funnel helped us experiment with sign ups from our home page for a web seminar – the setup and feedback were done in very short timeframes and the signups for their experimental page were almost triple those for our control.”

Jan Kestle
Environics Analytics


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