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How a B2B marketer applied CRO to over 17,000 pages.

Lifted lead generation conversions by 279%!

Last updated: June 6, 2013

Business: Information storage and management
Sector: Business services
Optimized conversion: Lead generation form fills
Solution: Conversion optimization strategy and implementation
Website: www.ironmountain.com/
Case study: Iron Mountain Case Study PDF

Iron Mountain is a $3 Billion information storage and management company. When they needed to improve their conversion rates for their main website and product landing pages, they came to WiderFunnel first.

For more than three years, WiderFunnel has been testing and optimizing the conversion rates for Iron Mountain’s most important marketing touch-points. The result has been massive lift in lead generation conversion rates across all of their web properties.

Here’s how we did it.


Iron Mountain was driving expensive traffic to their landing pages and website and knew their conversion rates needed to be improved. Many of the designs had been created by their landing page management software and didn’t perform as well as hoped.

Their marketing management had two main conversion optimization needs:

  1. Service Landing Pages: They were driving high cost traffic to landing pages using paid search and inbound marketing. They needed to improve their conversion rates for all of their many services lines and business units.
  2. IronMountain.com: Their main website is a high traffic website with highly qualified prospects visiting each day. It was in the process of being redesigned by a traditional digital design agency and needed to be re-evaluated from a conversion perspective.

A challenge of enterprise proportions

  • How do you implement a conversion optimization strategy for a website that has over 17 thousand pages, plus landing pages and campaign microsites?
  • How do you make sure your website experiences are maximizing conversion rates and that the learning is applied across the organization?

You need good planning and great execution. The conversion optimization strategy must be closely meshed with tests designed to maximize marketing insights. Individual tests should feed learning back into an evolving understanding of your customers.

In short: you need a continuous improvement system.

Solution: strategic conversion optimization

WiderFunnel’s strategists formed a comprehensive conversion optimization strategy, called the Kaizen Plan™, and ran a series of dramatic A/B/n tests that propelled conversion rates for Iron Mountain.

The Kaizen Plan was the starting point. It prioritized where to focus and mapped out how the results from each test could be multiplied by transferring learning to other product groups. It gave a truly global perspective on all of Iron Mountain’s website conversion paths.

As an ongoing retainer client, WiderFunnel’s strategists kept the plan updated with regular refreshes from web analytics data and heuristic reviews to keep an eye on the most important improvement opportunities.
Then, for each test, WiderFunnel used their proprietary LIFT™ Analysis techniques to analyze pages and identify conversion barriers.

The LIFT Model shows the six conversion factors that influence a website’s conversion rate.

For example, the LIFT Analysis for the original Shredding Service landing page showed many factors that could have been reducing conversions.

WiderFunnel produced a LIFT Analysis like this for each page the Kaizen Plan prioritized, and then created hypotheses to be tested with new page designs and content.

The tests were planned so the results would reveal important learning that could be applied to many other areas of the company’s communications.

Results: wow

The marketing managers at Iron Mountain were amazed to see the repeated conversion rate lift from WiderFunnel’s statistically controlled A/B/n tests. Beginning with a 45% lift in the first test, then a 404% boost (!), then another 44%, then an additional 38%, followed by a 49% conversion rate increase.

404% Lead Gen Lift
45% Lead Gen
49.9% Lead Gen

And, that was just on the landing pages.

Testing on the main ironmountain.com site using Optimizely as the A/B testing tool produced a massive 279% lead generation lift across all product category pages, site-wide. And that’s just the beginning of their potential for lift.

Iron Mountain also applied the key marketing insights gleaned from individual tests to other business units. Because of the strategic way WiderFunnel planned the tests, lead generation performance improvements were rolled out across the company.

Iron Mountain also chose WiderFunnel to build new websites and landing pages for various business units, knowing that WiderFunnel would build them based on proven conversion principles. WiderFunnel’s conversion-trained designers and user experience strategists built websites designed to maximize conversions from the day they’re launched. In one case, the new website WiderFunnel created increased conversion rates by 44% over the original.

The client: Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is a leading provider of information storage and management solutions. The company’s real estate network of 64 million square feet across nearly 1,000 facilities in 32 countries allows it to serve customers around the world with speed and accuracy. And its solutions for records management, data backup and recovery, document management, and secure shredding help organizations to lower storage costs, comply with regulations, recover from disaster, and better use their information for business advantage. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of information assets, including business documents, backup tapes, electronic files and medical data. Visit www.ironmountain.com for more information.

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