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Conversion optimization increases lead generation and doubles revenue per visitor for travel site

58% lead generation increase

Last updated: June 10, 2013

Business: Consumer Services
Sector: Travel & Tourism
Optimized Conversion: Form Completion for travel guide requests
Test: A/B/n test on site-wide landing page template
Website: www.travelguidesfree.com
Case study TravelGuidesFree Case Study PDF

How TravelGuidesFree.com used conversion optimization testing to increase lead generation by 58% and double revenue per visitor.

The client: TravelGuidesFree.com

TravelGuidesFree.com is a travel media website that distributes free travel brochures and visitor guides to consumers in the United States. It is also a primary supplier of leads to tourism boards, convention centers, visitor bureaus and travel destination marketing organizations around the world.

In an age where consumers are inundated with information overload researching and planning for a trip can become extremely complicated.TravelGuidesFree.com is a time-saving, one-stop shop for travel planning materials. Instead of having to visit various travel websites and registering for more information, consumers can fill out a single form on TravelGuidesFree.com and receive free vacation guides from various recognized tourism organizations around the world.

TravelGuidesFree.com is proud to offer the broadest range of free travel brochures (over 100 titles) and ebooks, and to be a respected supplier of qualified leads to destination marketers.

The business need

TravelGuidesFree.com attracts thousands of visitors every month. The main demographics of the site are female visitors who are actively planning for a trip– a highly targeted and motivated audience.

One of the major concerns for Travelguidefree.com’s digital marketing team was a high rate of cart abandonment for the free brochure request.

To encourage investment and fund improvements to the website, the TravelGuidesFree.com team needed to increase the volume of leads while maintaining their high quality and motivated audience.

Traffic-generation costs were putting increasing pressure on the TravelGuidesFree.com team to produce more revenue out of the same number of website visitors.

The challenges

To address the situation, the TravelGuidesFree.com team created a new website. Highly knowledgeable in online marketing and traffic generation, they decided to use conversion optimization testing to ensure the performance of the new site. However, after a number of testing attempts they recognized some opportunities to improve their approach and engage with outside expertise to enhance their conversion optimization activities.

Another challenge was that most destination marketers placed a cap on the number of leads they would pay for. TravelGuidesFree.com needed to engage an outside consultant who could quickly understand the intricacies of their unique business and solve the conversion rate optimization puzzle in its entirety.

The solution

After considering consultants and agency options, the TravelGuidesFree.com team chose to engage with WiderFunnel to run their conversion optimization strategy. As (a digital) marketing firm specializing in conversion rate optimization since 2007, the TravelGuidesFree.com team believed WiderFunnel could dramatically improve conversions and revenue.

Using its proprietary LIFT™ Model, WiderFunnel analyzed the site-wide landing page template and identified 15 conversion inhibitors that were hindering conversions. WiderFunnel Conversion strategists pulled from their vast database of test results and knowledge of consumer psychology to quickly develop hypotheses to test.

They prioritized and grouped the hypotheses to create four redesigned page variations to be A/B/n split tested against the original “Control” page. The strategists used a unique hybrid testing strategy that would produce conversion rate improvements and in-depth marketing insights.

TravelGuidesFree Control
Fig. 1: Original (Control)

WiderFunnel’s scientific method of testing sends an equal number of randomly-selected page visitors to the challenger variations then tracks which variation produces the most leads and revenue. The variations were:

  • Variation A: “Grid View”
  • Variation B: “List”
  • Variation C: “Select”
  • Variation D: “CTA Top

WiderFunnel’s conversion strategists recommended changes to the website that would improve visitors’ motivation to order travel guides.

The result: 100% Lift in revenue per visitor & 58% gain in lead generation conversions!

So, which test experiment variation won?

All 4 of WiderFunnel’s “Challenger” variations reached a statistically significant improvement over the original “Control” page within 10 days. The new pages produced a significant increase in travel guide request lead generation conversions.

However, increased conversions were just the tip of the iceberg. By digging deeper into the data, WiderFunnel discovered the following critical insights:

  • All variations delivered an increase in revenue per visitor but only two of them doubled revenue per visitor.
  • All variations increased average brochure quantity per request but one variation hit the targeted number of guide requests per visitor.
  • One variation had a high number of transactions but a lower number of brochures per request, potentially hurting business results!
TravelGuidesFree Winning
Fig. 2: Winning Test Page: 100% Lift in Revenue per Visitor

In the end, the strategists declared variation D “CTA Top” as the winning variation with a 58% increase in leads and a 100% lift in revenue per visitor!

By analyzing multiple metrics, including conversion rate and average revenue per visitor, WiderFunnel identified the best overall performer that maximized TravelGuideFree.com’s immediate business results.

With the marketing insights uncovered during the initial testing phase, the TravelGuidesFree.com team continues to work with WiderFunnel to further refine the regional page template based on the insights obtained from this first test to further improve upon conversion and lead generation results.

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