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How using frameworks increased sales in just a few weeks.

Increased sales by 15.7%!

Last updated: December 20, 2013

Business: Healthcare publishing
Sector: Media and publishing
Optimized conversion: Paid subscriptions
Solution: Conversion optimization strategy and implementation
Website: www.nurse.com/
Case study: Download case study PDF

Nurse.com is a healthcare publishing property of Gannett Company, Inc, a $5.3 billion media holding company. When they wanted to increase the percentage of sign-ups on Nurse Continuing Education pages, they contacted WiderFunnel to put in place a long-term conversion strategy.

The result of the Nurse.com – WiderFunnel partnership has been a significant increase in subscription conversion rates.

Here’s how we did it.

They asked, “what can we do better?”

Nurse.com provides continuing education (CE) training courses for nurses, which are required annually in most U.S. states. In early 2012, Nurse.com contacted WiderFunnel with the objective of increasing sales of their continued education courses, required by law in most states. At the time, the website already had a high conversion rate benchmark to try to improve. Using their conversion optimization system, the WiderFunnel team was able to increase that by 15.7% within a few short weeks.

We came up with the right answer-but not overnight

WiderFunnel’s strategists know from experience that finding the best result takes effort and reliance on our proven process. The first step of any WiderFunnel optimization project starts with the creation of a proprietary Kaizen Plan, a 3-4 week period planning period, during which opportunities for testing are identified and prioritized. Then, a rapid series of tests launch immediately after the Kaizen Plan has been completed. The Plan brings together the following components:

  • An In-Depth Discovery. We get to know the business inside-and-out using a client questionnaire, workshop and research-review, and come to understand what type of online prospects are most valuable.
  • A Heuristic Analysis of the website. This is where WiderFunnel’s experienced strategists comb through the website to catch potential usability flaws affecting users. They look out for similar scenarios to any of the many test results they’ve seen with other websites.
  • Web Analytics Data is reviewed to learn visitor patterns and prioritize the most impactful opportunity areas.

The Kaizen Plan goes beyond simply spotting and prioritizing opportunities. It defines a well-structured test plan so that the learning and insights from each test feeds into all the following tests.

The Nurse.com team learned a great deal about their website

1 Nurse.com_screenshot_control

The outcome of the Kaizen Plan was a revelatory moment for the team at Nurse.com. Among other opportunities, the Continuing Education (CE) page, a major inbound landing page for expensive traffic, was underperforming. Based on click-tracking heatmaps, WiderFunnel discovered that users did not have a clear idea of what to do on the page. The main content areas were virtually ignored. Naturally, this page was on top of our list of testing opportunities.

Each testing opportunity page was ranked using the PIE methodology as part of the Kaizen Plan.

The PIE Framework ranks test areas based on three factors:

  • Potential: perceived impact that any improvements to a page would have.
  • Importance: value that a conversion rate increase on a page would have.
  • Ease: ease of implementing a test idea on the page in question.

2 Nurse.com_heatmap_Control

Time to fire up the jet!

3 LIFT Model 2013-10
The WiderFunnel LIFT model.

With the Nurse.com team in support of the test strategy, WiderFunnel’s team stepped into their lab to perform a LIFT Analysis on the page in question. The LIFT Analysis is where we break down each element of a web page and look at how they all interact with each other to result in, often subconscious, blockages for prospects.

By putting into play WiderFunnel’s years of experience in web usability, persuasion modeling, psychology and A/B/n testing, the team identified many LIFT points on the page. Based on those points, the team formulated sixteen hypotheses that could be tested to lift the sales conversion rate.

To scientifically test those hypotheses, WiderFunnel’s strategists narrowed and grouped them to create the most impactful test variations. They created 3 test variations with the best chance of outperforming the control version of the page.
4 Nurse.com_screenshot_Winner

And the winner is…

Using a controlled testing methodology where 100% of traffic to the website was split evenly across the variations and the control, the team identified a winning variation. During a span of just a few weeks, the test reached a 98% statistical confidence level. The paid subscription rate for the winning variation produced a 15.7% higher sales than the control with the same traffic level!

The winning page improved the clarity and relevance of the page to significantly increase sales.

5 Nurse.com_heatmap_Winner

Test results provided insights that helped the entire organization

While this test ran on only one page, the findings were useful to the entire organization. The Nurse.com team can now focus their messaging around a proven theme and test transactional funnels focused on state-specific calls-to-action.

…And that was just the beginning

Rather than being content with the initial increase in conversions, WiderFunnel continued to follow the Kaizen Plan by testing throughout Nurse.com. Using the early test success as a jumping off point, the WiderFunnel team planned a series of further tests.

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