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HairClub goes beyond ‘best practices’ — and increases conversions by 20%

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Website: www.hairclub.com
Case study: HairClub Case Study


HairClub (www.hairclub.com) is the world leader in personalized hair loss solutions, providing surgical and non-surgical restoration treatments to men and women in more than 95 HairClub Treatment Centers across North America. With over 30 years of experience, HairClub is regarded as the gold standard in all hair loss treatments available and has some of the world’s most renowned and respected hair loss physicians as members of their team.


HairClub drives traffic to its website through fully integrated online and offline campaigns, centrally capturing leads for its network of Treatment Centers. A call-to-action for a free in-person consultation drives form-fill online conversions. HairClub’s sophisticated use of analytics ensures that web visitors are tracked through their entire lifecycle – from initial click-through to completion of consultation appointments to purchase.

Although HairClub’s paid search strategy was successful at driving highly targeted traffic to the site, the number of visitors who completed the online form was below expectations, resulting in a higher than desired cost per lead.

The HairClub marketing team knew that improving the persuasiveness of the landing page was an obvious way to impact conversion rates – drastically and quickly.


As an experienced, data-driven group, the HairClub marketing team had already run several tests on various parts of their site and used time-tested web content such as professional photography, video and copy.

Using best practices as a baseline, the team had identified some test elements for the landing page optimization project but felt that a trial-and-error testing approach would be too time-consuming and, most importantly, not deliver test results with a high degree of certainty.

HairClub recognized the need for an experienced conversion optimization specialist to propose stronger testing hypotheses that would deliver statistically valid conversion rate improvement fast.


In March 2009, HairClub worked with WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, a well-established full-service conversion optimization company, to plan, develop and execute a landing page optimization strategy to lift form-fill conversions on their paid search landing page.

Using its proprietary Kaizen Method™, a holistic approach to optimizing conversion funnels, WiderFunnel reviewed and analyzed:

  • HairClub business goals and key performance indicators
  • Overall website performance
  • Previous test results
  • Google AdWord campaigns
  • Web analytics data
  • The Current landing page design, copy, layout and graphics

Armed with a broad understanding of the HairClub business and its conversion challenges, WiderFunnel recommended an A/B/n testing program as a starting point to lift form completion conversions.

WiderFunnel handled the conversion optimization project in its entirety, developing a complete test plan – including hypotheses, wireframes, graphic design and copy – and executing the test.

WiderFunnel narrowed down the testing opportunities to three variations of the landing page, with the main themes listed below:

  • Variation A: Video testimonials
  • Variation B: Embedded call-to-action form
  • Variation C: Before & after photos


Twenty percent more visitors completed the call-to-action form with Variation A (video testimonials) than with the original, also called the ‘Control’, page design (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 below).

Variation B, which used a clean, best-practice-based design, performed better than the Control landing page but drove fewer conversions than the winning page.

Variation C, without video or an embedded form, underperformed all variations.

In general, using conversion optimization ‘best practices’ as a baseline for testing is a good starting-point. For HairClub, however, it is an expert test strategy that produced the top-performing design rather than best practices alone.

Fig. 1: Original (Control) Landing Page

Fig. 2: Winning Variation = 20% Rate Lift!


“We were already well into testing for conversion improvements but the impressive results of WiderFunnel’s approach proved that there is more to conversion optimization than meets the eye. The experience that WiderFunnel brings to the table is undeniably valuable and made our team stronger.”

– Lee Zoppa
Vice President, Marketing & Advertising

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