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Conversion optimization for PluralEyes Software boosts downloads by 17.4%

Business: Software Sales Sector: Software Optimized Conversion: Trial software downloads Test: A/B/n Split Test Website: www.singularsoftware.com “When I saw the LIFT Analysis, I was impressed with the insightful critique that had been done. But finding problems is one thing, fixing them is another. The suggested test variations were something we would not have come up […]

Last updated: June 10, 2013

Singular Software Case Study
Business: Software Sales
Sector: Software
Optimized Conversion: Trial software downloads
Test: A/B/n Split Test
Website: www.singularsoftware.com

“When I saw the LIFT Analysis, I was impressed with the insightful critique that had been done. But finding problems is one thing, fixing them is another.
The suggested test variations were something we would not have come up with ourselves. We guessed which would be the most successful and were quite pleased to be proved dead wrong. The real world is full of surprises and it’s only through actual testing that you can know.

WiderFunnel helped us every step of the way through that tricky process, the results were great and we implemented the changes right away.”

Bruce Sharpe
President and CEO
Singular Software Inc.



Discover how Singular Software leveraged Conversion Optimization testing to increase free trial downloads of their PluralEyes® audio and video synchronization software by 17.4%. Their new landing page design is a scientifically proven performer, and will pave the way to future hypotheses, tests, and incremental improvements. And perhaps best of all, the results stumped the client and the experts!

The Client: Singular Software

Established in 2008, Singular Software are pioneers in the development of workflow automation applications for audio and video editing professionals. Singular Software’s flagship product, PluralEyes® , dramatically cuts the time and effort needed to edit multi-camera, multi-take and dual-system audio productions. By analyzing audio information, PluralEyes® synchronizes audio and video clips automatically, without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation.

The Business Need

From experience, Singular Software management knew that once editors realize how much time and effort they save by using PluralEyes® along with their favorite video editing software, they buy the product. Their online marketing strategy of driving prospects to download free trial versions of PluralEyes® software reflected that insight.

However, management also knew that in order to have more “buyers,” they needed plenty of “triers.” First and foremost, Singular Software management needed to lift the initial conversion rate for the free 30-day trial versions and get editors to put the software through its paces.

The Challenges

Management wanted to redesign the landing page for the PluralEyes® software to increase the free trial uptake rate, but lacked the internal resources and/or expertise in developing a sustainable experimentation strategy and clear hypotheses that would measurably improve the conversion rate.

As a result, Singular Software turned to WiderFunnel, a full-service Conversion Optimization testing agency, to improve the conversion rate on its PluralEyes® landing page.

The Solution

WiderFunnel used its proprietary Kaizen Method™ to plan and execute the PluralEyes® Conversion Optimization strategy. This included an in-depth analysis of the PluralEyes® landing page using the WiderFunnel LIFT Framework ™ along six dimensions:

  1. Value proposition
  2. Urgency
  3. Relevance
  4. Clarity
  5. Anxiety
  6. Distraction

The LIFT Analysis revealed several areas that were contributing to poor a conversion rate:

1. Competing Calls to Action
The PluralEyes® product Control page had three competing calls to action that were vying for visitors’ attention.

On the landing page, web visitors could:
1) Watch a video, and/or
2) Buy the software, and/or
3) Download the free trial.

2. No Clear Value Proposition
The landing page was also lacking a clear, benefit-driven headline and copy to explain the value proposition, how easy the software was to use, and the pain points it addressed.

Plus, for a tool that works seamlessly with so many industry-leading editing programs such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro, the tie-in to these products was grossly understated.

3. No Compelling Visuals
The existing web page relied on creative imagery that didn’t communicate anything about the value of the product or the problems it solved. For example, there were no screen shots of the product in use.

After identifying the main challenges of the web page, WiderFunnel developed solutions to these three key challenges that could be used across all test variations. These included:

1. Focus on a Single Call to Action
Since the primary goal of the page was to increase trial downloads, WiderFunnel took the emphasis off two of the competing calls to action, and put the main focus on the download option — all while improving the copy of the primary call to action from “Try” to the more direct “Download Now.” The call to action was kept consistent across the test variations.

2. Bring the Value Proposition to the Fore
WiderFunnel wrote a new headline that used “loss aversion” to convey the hardship of life without PluralEyes® (‘Skip Endless Hours of Tedious Manual Syncing’) and a sub-headline that clearly communicated the value proposition (‘Synchronize Video & Audio Clips Quickly & Affordably’). The headlines were kept constant across the test variations.

3. Test Static Screen Shot Against Video
Since the Control page lacked communicative imagery, WiderFunnel recommended testing different visuals to convey the value of downloading a free trial. By isolating a screenshot and an overview video as “variables,” these two different content approaches were compared against each other, and Singular Software’s target audience got to pick the winner.

WiderFunnel’s Senior Conversion Strategist assumed that video would be the clear winner: “My gut said that video would win because it is interactive and can convey so much more than a static screenshot.” Others close to the experiment, including the client, agreed. After all, video seemed like the perfect tool to communicate the benefits of a software product – especially for end-users who work in video every day!

With these three elements in place, WiderFunnel proposed three design variations to test against the Control (original) page:

  • Variation A “Minimalist”: This design variation took a stripped-down approach by clearing a lot of clutter from the original design. The focus was on the new, stronger headline, focused value proposition in the introductory copy, a strong and visually appealing call to action button, and thumbnail logos of the compatible editing software brands.
  • Variation B “Screen Shot Isolation”: This variation used the same headline and intro copy, but added new, three-step illustrated “How PluralEyes® Works” copy and client testimonials under the main section. Variation B also introduced a prominent screen shot of the product in use above the fold and beside the call to action button.
  • Variation C “Video Player Isolation”: This variation was a duplicate of variation B except that, in place of the static screen shot, WiderFunnel embedded the an “overview” video.

The Result: Conversion Rate Lift Of 17.4%

Once the test reached statistical confidence, all three Variations showed significant improvement over the Control, with the winning version showing a 17.4% boost in conversion rate for downloads of the PluralEyes® software.

All three variations (two radically different layouts) beat the Control, reaffirming the importance of clear and compelling headlines, copy that communicates the product’s value proposition, and focusing attention on a single call to action. Deploying any of the three test pages would have solved the major problems found in the LIFT Analysis.

Variations B and C beat the ‘minimalist’ approach of Variation A, driving home the power of showing the product “in action.”

However, what really caught everyone’s attention was that Variation B – featuring the static screen shot – came out ahead of Variation C’s embedded video! In other words, the static screen shot beat the embedded video, showing a 35.9% relative improvement!

There could be several reasons for this. While video is a compelling medium, prospects are often in a tremendous hurry, and they may not ‘need’ video to be persuaded in certain contexts. Most embedded videos load showing a still frame from the clip, and the still frame in this experiment might need to be optimized. Or, the content of the video itself may not resonate with the target audience.

But whatever the underlying reason, this experiment opened up the minds of all involved to new and exciting hypotheses. A new design and layout is a great way to kick off an optimization process. So is a 17.4% lift in conversion rate. The client agrees that this experiment is likely the beginning of a long (and profitable) learning process about what really works when it comes to conversion.

PluralEyes Control
Fig. 1: Original (Control) Page
PluralEyes Winning Variation
Fig. 2: Winning Test Page: 17+% uplift in Downloads!

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