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Multivariate landing page optimization increases software download conversions by 162%

Conversion Rate Lift of 162%

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Website www.w3i.com

The client: W3i.com

W3i increases revenue, distribution, and engagement for Windows applications and plug-ins. W3i uses a network approach combining the demand for free and trial applications monetized by the distribution of additional, relevant applications when the consumer is in the installation mindset.

W3i gets traffic from various sources including owned and operated sites which include Freeze.com, Screensaver.com, Wallpapers.com, and Profile-Pimp.net.

W3i has distributed over 300 million applications since inception, and currently averages over 9 million application installs per month.

The business need

W3i wanted to increase the conversion rate on Profile-Pimp.net, the site which features their free desktop application for customizing MySpace profiles. The application generates cut and paste HTML code for MySpace profiles and comes preloaded with backgrounds, layouts, graphics, music and more.

Using a combination of paid, organic, and affiliate traffic generation strategies, Profile-Pimp.net receives a significant number of visitors and a conversion rate well above industry standards.

In an effort to increase their conversion rate, W3i’s own optimization efforts had produced conversion lifts of up to 16%.

The challenges

Like many organizations that create, design and launch A/B/n split testing in-house, W3i eventually hit a “conversion rate plateau.”

Despite some initial conversion rate lift, the web marketing team at W3i saw subsequent rounds of testing result in the conversion rate leveling out.

W3i recognized they needed to leverage the expertise of an external conversion optimization specialist services firm to create more meaningful hypotheses and design test page variations that would convert more visitors into users.

The solution

W3i engaged WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, a full service Conversion Optimization services firm, to develop a testing strategy guaranteed to increase the conversions on Profile-Pimp.net.

WiderFunnel evaluated the free application’s landing page, previous test results, web analytics and pay-per-click data to identify conversion optimization opportunities. Based on their findings, the team at WiderFunnel concluded that multivariate testing provided the best opportunity to increase conversions.

w3i control
Fig. 1: Original (Control) Landing Page

WiderFunnel developed a test plan, including hypotheses, wireframes, graphic design and copy and – using Google Website Optimizer as the testing platform –implemented a multivariate test.

By dividing the test page into three variable content boxes, WiderFunnel produced 44 page combinations to determine the optimal design that would generate the highest installation conversion rate.

The result: conversion rate lift of 162%

w3i winning
Fig. 2: Winning Test Page Variation – 162% conversion rate lift!

Out of the 44 test page variations, 43 beat W3i’s original “Control” page, plus a total of 36 variations generated a conversion rate lift of over 95%.

The top-performing variation achieved a 162% lift over the original control.

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