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eCommerce retailer lifts sales conversion rate by 22%

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Website: http://www.babyage.com/
Case study: Baby Age Case Study

The Client: BabyAge.com

BabyAge.com is the premiere online retailer of pregnancy, infant and juvenile products. Launched in 1999, BabyAge.com features over 25,000 brand name items, including baby bedding, furniture, strollers, car seats, cribs and toys.
In May 2009, BabyAge.com was recognized by Internet Retailer Magazine as number 280 of the Top 500 websites in the United States based on Annual Sales Revenues.

The Business Need

With an established online presence and solid brand recognition, BabyAge.com generates a steady stream of targeted traffic each month from both paid and organic sources.
Management identified a need to increase the on-site purchase conversion rate and improve the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from pay-per-click advertising. In order to move a higher percentage of web visitors from entry pages to completed shopping cart, management saw a conversion improvement opportunity in their current product page design.

The eCommerce Conversion Optimization Challenges

BabyAge.com management knew that redesigning their product pages without using statistically valid testing methods would not deliver reliable improvement. They needed a way to decide, without relying on ‘gut feeling’, which changes would actually deliver improved and measurable results.
In order to run statistically valid tests, BabyAge.com management realized a need to supplement their marketing team with specialized expertise that would help them to:

  • Develop a conversion optimization strategy for continuous improvement
  • Decide what is (and is not) important to test and in which order
  • Design test page variations using the latest learning from other leading Retailers
  • Complete test rounds in shorter timeframes than could be accomplished by using only their internal marketing and IT teams
  • Utilize expert conversion optimization resources to determine when test results are valid and how to analyze results.

The eCommerce Conversion Testing Solution

BabyAge.com engaged WiderFunnel, the Conversion Optimization and Analytics services firm, to increase their conversions on their product page template.

Step 1 – Conversion Funnel Analysis

WiderFunnel began with an analysis of BabyAge.com’s Web Analytics and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search data to draw insights and identify testing opportunities. An evaluation of the product page template using the WiderFunnel LIFT Model identified the conversion-reducing factors. This analysis revealed the major areas within the product pages and conversion funnel that were reducing the conversion rate and needed to be addressed.

Step 2 – Creation of Hypotheses & Test Page Variations

The conversion-reducing factors were prioritized and developed into valid test hypotheses represented by four variations of the page layout wireframes. WiderFunnel then created new graphic design and html for each test variation page.

Step 3 – Conversion Optimization Testing

Using Google Website Optimizer as the testing platform, the team ran an A/B/n split test with four variations of the product page template.
Google Website Optimizer is an A/B/n and Multivariate testing tool offered by Google at no cost. It allows website owners to increase visitor conversion rates by testing different page layouts and combinations of page elements.
In this real-time, controlled test, Google Website Optimizer randomly distributed live web visitors (unaware that they are being shown different versions of the product pages) across the page variations to gauge their response to different layouts, design, and messaging.

The Result: Purchase Conversion Rate Lift of 22%

All four of the test page variations designed by WiderFunnel outperformed the original control product page template.
The top performing variation – BabyAge.com’s new product page template, shown in Fig. 2 – now converts 22% more visitors into sales over the original version, shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Original (Control) Product Page Template

Fig. 2: Winning Test Page Variation – 22% higher sales conversion rate

BabyAge.com Feedback

“WiderFunnel provided the full service for us, from planning our test strategy, to designing the page variations, handling development, and launch. The process was airtight and seamless. We are absolutely delighted with the 22% increase in sales!”

– Jack Kiefer
Co-Founder, President/CEO
BabyAge.com, Inc.

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