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AllPopArt lifts sales by 28% and revenue per visitor by 42% with conversion optimization testing

Last updated: June 10, 2013

AllPopArt Case Study
Business: E-Commerce
Sector: Handcrafted pop art portraits
Optimized Conversion: Purchase Conversions, Revenue per Visitor
Test: A/B/n Split Test
Website: www.allpopart.com
Case Study: AllPopArt Case Study PDF

“Knowing with certainty that a new web page layout and copy improve purchase conversions AND revenues is invaluable to us!

I simply cannot imagine redesigning pages without testing in the future. I can’t wait for the next round of tests with WiderFunnel!”

Ana Sanchez,
Co-Founder & President,


Discover how AllPopArt, a producer of handcrafted pop art portraits and photos on canvas, used Conversion Optimization testing on their product page template, and increased purchases by 28% and revenue per visitor by 42%.

The Client: AllPopArt.com

Since opening its doors in 2004, AllPopArt has assembled an award-winning team of designers, illustrators and professional framers to create one-of-a-kind custom portraits for thousands of customers worldwide. The company differentiates itself from competitors by focusing on craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. All artwork is hand-illustrated by U.S.-based AllPopArt artists using a mix of traditional media and sophisticated digital painting techniques. No artificial or pre-made software filters are ever used. And no illustrations are ever contracted out to anonymous designers.

The Business Need

With growing competitive pressures from China and India, AllPopArt keeps a close eye on the evolving needs of their customers. The company conducts surveys on an ongoing basis with both paying customers and website visitors at the pre-purchase stage. AllPopArt is proud of their high satisfaction level among customers; however, they also identified customer perceptions that may have been hindering purchase conversions:

  • Half of the AllPopArt.com visitors did not understand that an actual artist creates the artwork: AllPopArt’s key differentiator was not clearly communicated and many visitors failed to see all of the features that made AllPopArt so unique compared to alternative options.
  • Many website visitors believed the product was too expensive: Since a large
    number of website visitors didn’t grasp AllPopArt’s value proposition, it was no surprise that many found the price of the artwork to be high.

The Challenges

AllPopArt wanted to address these market issues by redesigning key pages on their website but they were concerned about the following:

  • They didn’t know which page to redesign first: Without an in-depth analysis of their website analytics, the AllPopArt team didn’t know how to prioritize which pages had the best opportunities for improvement.
  • The AllPopArt team didn’t have in-house resources to design and implement Conversion Optimization tests:
    The team was committed to using controlled, scientific testing before implementing new designs, but they did not have the time or specialized skills to run the project on their own.
  • They didn’t want to risk increasing the purchase conversion rate while inadvertently hurting revenues:
    The AllPopArt team knew that they couldn’t solely focus on increasing purchase conversions as it could easily result in depressed overall revenues. Both the number of purchases and revenue per visitor were important metrics for the AllPopArt business.

After an exhaustive search for the right Conversion Optimization agency, one that would understand their challenges and had guaranteed results, the AllPopArt team hired WiderFunnel Marketing to solve their problem.

The Solution

As a full-service Conversion Optimization agency, WiderFunnel handled the AllPopArt Conversion Optimization testing from end-to-end, beginning with an in-depth analytics review to identify key problem areas in the AllPopArt.com conversion funnel.

In consultation with the AllPopArt team, WiderFunnel identified the product page template as a priority page to optimize and began planning a test. WiderFunnel developed testing hypotheses, designed three variations of the page, wrote the copy, provided the code to install, launched the test and then tracked and analyzed ongoing results.

The following design variations were tested alongside the control (original) page:

  • Variation A “Lightbox & CTA”: This design variation tested a number of changes, including more prominent call-to-action areas and clickable value propositions. The overall layout of the page remained unchanged from the control page.
  • Variation B “No +/- Prices”: This variation was identical to variation A, except that the price of each user-selectable option (e.g., frame type, materials) was removed and only the total price of the illustration was displayed. The test hypothesis was that, removing the text would simplify the page content, improve clarity and increase sales conversions.
  • Variation C “Horizontal Steps”: This variation was a big departure from the other two. The product description and value propositions were brought to the forefront above the page “fold” while user-selectable product options were moved below. Free shipping info was also more prominently displayed as well as thumbnails of samples.

The Result: 28% More Purchases, 42% Higher Revenue per Visitor!

Once the test received a sufficient number of visitors and conversions to reach statistical significance, the winning design was identified as variation C. WiderFunnel analyzed revenue data to confirm that variation C not only lifted purchase conversions by 28% but also lifted revenue per visitor by 42%!

For AllPopArt, this means that they now get 42% higher revenue from the same amount of visitors to their product pages, at no extra cost! They can increase their visitor cost per click and still receive improved return on marketing spend.

Inspired by the positive outcome of the test, the AllPopArt team continues to work with WiderFunnel to implement a long-term Conversion Optimization strategy on the overall AllPopArt.com website.

AllPopArt.com Control
Fig. 1: Original (Control) Page
AllPopArt.com Winning Variation
Fig. 2: Winning Test Page: Increased Revenue per Visitor by 42%

BONUS: Marketing Insight

Not only does AllPopArt now get 42% higher revenue from the same traffic levels, they have a marketing insight to build upon.

Reducing the prominence of the product option selections below the page fold and emphasizing their key value proposition points in bullet point copy, their sales and revenue increased. This indicates that they can profit by communicating their benefits in a more straightforward way, thus reducing the complexity of the purchase decision.

By continuing to test, WiderFunnel will confirm and build on the marketing insights and formalize them in a Playbook of test hypotheses and learning. AllPopArt will use their evolving Playbook to guide their future website design and marketing decisions.


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