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Increasing revenue by A/B testing email landing pages

41% lift in revenue per visitor

Last updated: June 11, 2013

Business E-commerce
Sector Wine and spirits
Optimized conversion Purchase conversions, revenue per visitor
Test A/B/n split test
Website www.wineexpress.com
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The client: WineExpress.com

WineExpress.com is the exclusive wine shop partner of Wine Enthusiast catalog and website, which have been providing quality wine accessories and storage for over 30 years. WineExpress.com adheres to a strict philosophy of offering only the finest, best value wines. And like Wine Enthusiast, the company differentiates itself by delivering unsurpassed customer service and expertise to its growing clientele.

The business need

WineExpress.com management team was familiar with A/B split testing techniques and had already conducted a number of tests on its sister website, www.wineenthusiast.com, to boost sales conversions. The group had also run extensive testing on its email campaigns, which represented a significant portion of the WineExpress.com retention efforts.

Now the team was turning its attention to one of the most visited pages of the WineExpress.com website, the “Wine of the Day” page, and was looking for ways to further stimulate sales conversions.

To drive traffic to the page, each day, management sends an email to its significant opt-in email list promoting a different wine selection, which ships for just 99 cents. The page’s central focus, aside from the featured product, is a virtual wine tasting video featuring the company’s highly regarded Wine Director.

The challenges

The Wine of the Day page of WineExpress.com enjoyed an exceptionally high sales conversion rate. The opt-in, in-house email list ensured quality traffic. The page’s strong persuasive power stemmed very likely from the Wine Director’s credibility and the compelling nature of the video tastings. So the first challenge for
WineExpress.com was to optimize a page that already converted well.

Additionally, as with all ecommerce sites, WineExpress.com faced the challenge of finding equilibrium between optimizing sales transactions and optimizing overall revenues. (Focusing solely on sales *conversions* could in fact end up having a negative impact on the WineExpress.com bottom line if average order value was deflated in the process.)

The solution

WiderFunnel Marketing, a full-service Conversion Optimization agency, came in to develop and execute a conversion optimization strategy for the WineExpress.com Wine of the Day page. Although WineExpress.com has a team of skilled marketers, they decided to partner with an experienced Conversion Rate optimization agency to get fresh ideas and offload the vast majority of the work.

WiderFunnel handled the project in its entirety, developing test hypotheses, designing, copywriting, and coding web page variations to test, launching the test and analyzing results. The team executed the test and tracked conversions on Google Website Optimizer and revenue was tracked in Omniture. WiderFunnel developed and tested 3 design Variations, aiming mostly at testing different layout approaches.

WiderFunnel created a total of six redesigned web page Variations with small yet crucial changes such as placement and type of Advertising and Affiliate links and used an A/B/n test structure to isolate variables similar to a multivariate test.

Variation A: “CTA Right”

  • Removed top navigation
  • Streamlined top banner
  • Added countdown offer to top
  • Moved product description up
  • Moved video above the fold
  • Increased prominence of customer reviews
  • Decreased prominence of ‘you may also like’ items
  • Widened the page

Variation B: “New CTA Right”

This design Variation was essentially the same as Variation A “CTA Right”, except that the call-to-action area was enlarged, pushing the video to the fold line.

Variation C: “New CTA Left”

This Variation was a mirror image of Variation B “New CTA Right”, moving the CTA and video feature to the left while product info and customer reviews went to the right column.

The result: 41% increase in revenue per visitor

Two of the three Variations outperformed the original page in terms of purchase conversions and revenue per visitor. The winner, Variation A “CTA Right”, lifted revenue per visitor by 41%!

Key learnings for the WineExpress.com team were:

  • The need to optimize for and track revenues, not just conversions
  • The impact of the fold
  • The importance of eyeflow and placement of design elements

With a solid success in hand, the WineExpress.com team plans on further refining the layout of the Wine of the Day page with additional conversion testing.

WineExpress.com Control
Fig. 1: Original (Control) “Wine of the Day” Page
WineExpress.com Variation Fig. 2: Winning Test Page: 41% More Revenue per Visitor

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