18% Lift in E-commerce Sales Conversion Rate for Video Game Maker

Business: Consumer Marketing services
Sector: Online/ Video Games
Optimized Conversion: Increase software sales
Test: A/B/n Split Test
Website: www.auran.com
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“We loved the new landing page concepts the WiderFunnel team created for us. Their strategic design and copywriting expertise was clearly evident from the get-go. We couldn’t be happier with our landing page lift rate thanks to an improved value proposition and tested design.

We couldn’t seem to find the time to get testing done with our internal team. When WiderFunnel joined us, they not only helped us kick off a strong testing plan, but also came up with ideas to test that we would never have come up with on our own. I recommend WiderFunnel to anyone wanting to improve your website sales!”

Tony Hilliam,
President & CEO,
N3V Games


Discover how video game maker, N3V Games, increased the online sales conversion rate for their Trainz Railroad Simulator game by 18% with landing page optimization.

The Client: N3V Games

N3V Games, in business since 1995, is a prominent video game development company. Their first major game won Strategy Game of the Year in 1997. Currently, N3V Games is producing the 5th version of “Trainz Railroad Simulator,” which has sold more than 1 million units world-wide since its initial release in 2001!

The Business Need

The Trainz game is in a very competitive, niche gaming market. The majority of people who visit the Trainz product landing page are highly educated about trains and train simulation games. They are a demanding target audience who are passionate about their game and may not see a need to upgrade to the latest version. They need to be persuaded and inspired about the benefits.

Competition is only increasing and the cost to drive traffic to their landing pages has never been higher. To offset these increasing costs, the N3V Games team needed to get more of those high cost visitors to convert into customers. They needed to dramatically lift the e-commerce sales conversion rate on the Trainz product landing page by more effectively communicating their value proposition.

The Business Goal

Increase the e-commerce sales conversion rate from visitors on the Trainz product landing page.

The Challenges

As a ten-year-old game, N3V Games management knew the danger that the Trainz team could fall into a routine in their marketing efforts. They needed a fresh perspective to look at their business challenges and marketing situation in a new light.

The N3V Games team knew testing innovative ideas and messaging could improve their conversion rates, but lacked internal expertise to develop the strategy. The team members who did have some experience in conversion optimization testing lacked time and resources to get the job done. To meet these needs, N3V Games searched for a services company with deep experience that could increase the Trainz game conversion rate through strategic website testing.

The Solution

N3V Games sought out WiderFunnel, the conversion optimization agency, to plan, develop and drive a conversion optimization testing strategy for the Trainz product. The crucial landing page used to convert visitors into paying players was the priority page they identified to test and tune.

Using the WiderFunnel Kaizen Method™, the proven process for continuous improvement, as well as the LIFT Model™, the framework used to uncover problematic areas on the web page and to develop testing hypothesis, WiderFunnel planned a focused, high-impact a/b/n experiment.

When the WiderFunnel team performed their thorough LIFT analysis they identified 17 conversion inhibitors on the original Trainz product landing page. These 17 points were the building blocks to create powerful hypotheses that resulted in four dramatically different variations to test against the original page.

In the new variation pages, the team planned to lift conversions with key changes that they have seen produce high conversion rates for many clients across all industries. The challenger variations were designed to:

Increase clarity by:

  • Eliminating the competing calls to action
  • Improving eye flow by removing the varying column widths
  • Improving the color scheme of the sub-heads
  • Adding hover states to the primary CTA buttons
  • Improving the main headline to increase value to the visitor

Increase relevance by:

  • Displaying the game logo prominently on the page
  • Adding detail about the game to the copy
  • Add anchor link near System Requirements at the very bottom

Create a stronger value proposition by:

  • Removing “unsubstantiated claims” such as “world’s favorite”
  • Moving value prop above the fold
  • Moving ‘What’s new’ (e.g. features, routes, etc.) messaging above the fold

The WiderFunnel team used these hypotheses to design and create four “challenger” variation pages to test against the original “control” page. Using this “champion-challenger” approach, WiderFunnel ran a scientifically controlled experiment on the page. Each visitor to the page was randomly selected to see one of the challenger variations and then their activity on the website was tracked. This process ensured the best challenger page would win in a fair and unbiased contest without opinions or external seasonality tainting the result.

The Result: 18% lift in conversion rates!

Expert redesign of the main product page through strategic online testing resulted in an 18% lift in the e-commerce sales conversion rate. N3V Games has, so far, realized a 270% return on their investment in using WiderFunnel as their conversion optimization agency.
The N3V Games team received the outside perspective they were looking for and gained many new ideas that will help with their other marketing initiatives.

N3V Control
Fig. 1: Original (Control) Page
N3V Winning Variation
Fig. 2: Winning Test Page: 18% Lift in Conversion!

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