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The Big News

Widerfunnel and Conversion merge brands to create the world's largest specialized experimentation agency.

Words by: Chris Goward Last updated: July 25th, 2022 3 min. read

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In order to pursue our shared mission to prove that evidence-based decisions get the best results, Widerfunnel and Conversion, sister companies within the Sideshow Group, have agreed to merge into a new joint brand called Conversion. This move will allow us to provide increased value to our clients and partners as the world’s largest specialized experimentation agency.

About Conversion

Conversion is a leading experimentation agency based in London that aligns with the identical uncompromising core values and culture created at Widerfunnel. Conversion is known as a chosen experimentation partner for Meta, Dominos, Canon, Toyota, and other industry-leading brands. Conversion has consistently challenged the status quo, and has grown to become the top choice for evidence-based experimentation in the UK.   

Stronger Together

This merger will allow us to better serve our clients with international reach, knowledge, resources, and “A-ha” moments built on decades worth of combined experimentation practice at both companies. Together, we will provide new insights and capabilities to our existing and future clients.

Behind the new brand are the same group of experts with the same commitment to deliver the high level of service that we have become known for. Our world-class team of consultants, project managers, designers, developers, and analysts will continue to drive value and uncover customer insights, with double the strength.


Our Journey

Chris Goward: “I built Widerfunnel based on my belief that evidence based decisions get the best results. Since 2007, our goal has been to help companies apply scientific experimentation as the crucible for decision making in all areas of their business.

When I met Stephen Pavlovich years ago, I recognized that he has the same mission and values as I do. This brand merger is a seamless joining of like minded expert teams.

I would like to thank our clients, readers, and partners for their ongoing support, the team members at Widerfunnel that make our company an amazing place to work, and our new family at Conversion that have helped us make this vision a reality.

Stephen Pavlovich: This is a huge milestone for the Conversion team. We’ve long made it our mission to put experimentation at the heart of every company. By joining together with our colleagues in Canada, we’ve taken a (big) step towards this. We’re now able to leverage more specialists – and more insights – than ever before. Plus we can collaborate on clients and R&D – helping more companies around the world use experimentation to drive their growth.”

Join us on our new site, and learn about the new Conversion.

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