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March 2021: Experimentation News Round Up

By: Daniel Molina Last updated: March 31st, 2021 13 min. read

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logoExperimentation News

Words Matter: Testing Copy with Shakespeare

Netflix Technology Blog | By Tim Brandall, Shawn Xu, Pu Chen and Jen Schaefe

In this post, the Netflix team explains what Shakespeare is, and how it has allowed them to unlock copy testing in ways that weren’t possible before.

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Getting started with experimentation and CRO: three key challenges

Econsultancy.com | By Edwyn Raine

In this article, Edwyn offers some advice for getting started with conversion rate optimisation, including what research and resources to draw on, and how to start a testing culture.

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There is no customer — the customer is a complex network (and how it relates to experimentation)

Medium.com | By Helge Tennø

In this post, Helge explains how challenging it is to understand the customer’s mind, and how experimentation is the tool needed to to unlock that knowledge.

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Using Experimentation for Refining your Product Backlog

Bithika-mehra.medium.com| By Bithika Mehra

In this post, Bithika explains how product owners can use experimentation to refine product backlog.

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Product Management Skills: A/B Testing

Medium.com | By Carlos G de Villaumbrosia

In this post, Carlos explains what a/b testing is, why it matters for product managers and how Netflix “aces” personalization through a/b testing.

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Seven Digital Experimentation Principles that are Impacting Customer Experience & Your Bottom-line

Customerthink.com | ByRicardo Saltz Gulko

In this article, Ricardo shares his 7 principles of digital experimentation, which includes “Don’t emulate the best” and “Plan and prioritize”.

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Why Marketers Must Experiment with Customer Experience?

Econsultancy.com| By Lizzy Hillier

Simon Kennedy, Manager of Experience Optimization at Adidas says he “believes the rate at which brands test their content will exponentially increase, driven by the increasing importance of data-driven marketing.”

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Why you shouldn’t care about conversion rate

TheDrum.com | By Ryan Webb

In this article, Ryan explains the shift from CRO to CXO

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How to ace A/B Testing Data Science Interviews (Doordash Case Example)

TowardsDataScience.com| By Preeti Semwal

In this post, Preeti offers advice on how to answer questions for a/b testing data science roles.

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Experimentation — Scaling towards Perpetual Motion

Medium.com | By Gareth Holder

In this detailed post, Gareth shares his perspective on the challenges of scaling digital experimentation in an organization, and how can they be generalized into 3 themes: Culture, Process, and Tooling

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How the New York Times A/B tests their headlines

blog.TJCX.me | By Tom Cleveland

In this detailed analysis, Tom dives into NYT data and shares insights from a/b tests.

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Most common A/B testing mistakes

Agile Insider/Medium.com | By Tagui Manukian

In this post, Tagui explains why you should love a/b testing and the most common mistakes.

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The Wall Street Journal Is Expanding Its Experimentation Capabilities — and We’re Hiring!

Medium.com | By Louise Story

The WSJ is doubling-down on experimentation and hiring for 13 new roles.

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From the archives (2014)

A/B Testing and the Benefits of an Experimentation Culture

Harvard Business Review | By Wyatt Jenkins

“At Shutterstock, where I work, we test everything: copy and link colors, relevance algorithms that rank our search results, language-detection functions, usability in downloading, pricing, video-playback design, and anything else you can see on our site (plus a lot you can’t see).”

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logoWho’s Hiring

Senior Manager, Personalization & Growth| Salesforce – San Francisco, CA

Product Manager: Experimentation and Logging A/B Testing| Ford Motor Company – Dearborn, MI

Senior Product Manager, Experimentation| ZipRecruiterPortland, OR

Testing and Experience Manager | Nike Direct Digital Commerce – Beaverton, CA

Data Scientist (Experimentation)|  GrubHubsChicago, IL

Data Scientist – Experimentation| Getty ImagesSeattle, WA

Data Platform Engineer – Experimentation| Stitch FixSan Francisco, CA

Sr. Analyst, A/B Testing| Neiman MarcusDallas, TX

Product Manager, Growth – Keeps| Thirty MadisonNYC, NY

Senior Manager, Product Optimization| Thomson ReutersEagan, MN

Sr. Data Scientist – Experimentation| McAfeeSan Jose, CA

Data Science – Experimentation| The Knot WorldwideWashington, DC

Product Manager| Epic GamesCary, NC

Data Science Engineer, Experimentation| StripeSan Francisco, CA

Experimentation Strategist| Fanatics. IncSan Mateo, CA

Located in Canada

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager| DoceboToronto,ON

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