September 2020: Experimentation Round Up

By: Daniel Molina
14 min. read Last updated: November 9th, 2020

Experiment Nation:
How to design an Experimentation strategy that supports product-development
By Rommil Santiago

Experimentation within user experience design is about ensuring that the value of this product is seamlessly integrated into the customer journey, across various customer touchpoints using a rigorous and cyclical scientific process that enables the business to constantly generate relevant insights that builds into the customer theory and overall improvement of the customer experience. Read more…

Product Coalition, Medium Blog
How to design high impact product experiments?
By Negar Mokhtarnia

Since experimentation has become a discipline on its own, there are established best practices for cross functional teams to follow. However, many smart teams still struggle with running experiments that are impactful to the business’ key results and help them advance their understanding of their users. This article tackles the principles that successful teams use to maximize their outcomes. Read more…

Kameleoon delivers ROI of 291% and $5.8 million in benefits to enterprise organizations according to new Total Economic Impact study
By Peter Smyth

Study conducted by an independent research firm confirms that Kameleoon’s testing and personalization platform improves conversion rates, increases cross-sell and reduces campaign costs… Read more…

‘Not a lot of experimenting going on’: Ad buyers cut back on ad format experimentation
By Max Willens

“Most of the dollars are going to things that we have data and support to know that it’s going to perform versus throwing paint on a wall,” Turner said, adding that 60% of the insertion orders Turner’s team has gotten have leveraged the Post’s first party data…  Read more…

Optimizely and Microsoft Collaborate to Bring Enterprise-Grade Experimentation and Personalization
By MTS Staff Writer

“E-commerce brands are operating in unprecedented times that require them to observe, analyze, and iterate at a heightened level compared to before the pandemic,” said Byron Jones, VP of Product and Partnerships at Optimizely. “Our experimentation platform takes the guesswork out of how to delight customers with personalized touchpoints, nurture new opportunities, and continue innovating your customer experience through our seamless integration in Dynamics 365 Commerce.” Read more…

Digital transformation: 3 steps to build a digital-ready culture
By Dr George Westerman

Cultivate habits of rapid experimentation and self-organization within a framework of data-driven decision-making. These practices may seem to run counter to companies whose structures, values, and governance rules were designed for cautious stability. Yet, our analysis shows that these practices strongly drive self-reported growth and innovation. Moreover, organizations can’t experiment effectively without the data to measure change… Read more…

Five Building Blocks For Accelerating Digital Transformation (Even In A Pandemic)
By Kamila Chytil

Oftentimes an edict to do something differently is needed for teams to truly think outside the box, as most people do not like change and will often gravitate to small tweaks instead of true redesign. To best foster the culture of experimentation, leaders need to encourage A/B test results, create cross-functional task forces, and publicly praise individuals who tried something different even if it didn’t work… Read more…

Gucci releases digital designs for gamers, aims to inspire consumers to buy real Gucci products
By Retail4Growth Team

Robert Triefus, CMO, Gucci stated, “We’re approaching gaming with a sense of experimentation, because this will put us in a good position to be ahead of the trends when they become ingrained.” Read more… 

Past webinars/events:

Culture of experimentation: How organizational culture can make or break your testing program
Beth Foster, the leader of the Microsoft Digital Stores Experimentation team, shares the approaches she has taken to build a culture of experimentation, as well as her successes and failures along the way. Watch now.

Enterprise Innovation: How HP Instant Ink Successfully Launched a Disruptor Brand
Find out how you can create an agile, digital-first, customer-obsessed program that drives both product innovation and optimization. Watch now.

Optimize to Thrive Online: How Retailers Are Enhancing Their Customer Experience To Keep Digital Audiences Coming Back
Learn how senior experts from Dollar Shave Club, DXL Group, and Bed Bath and Beyond are responding to their customer needs in real- time hosted by the leading customer experience technologies. Watch now.

Director, Experimentation Platform and Sciences, Etsy

Brooklyn, NY

Director of Experimentation, Growth, Gympass

New York City, NY

Experimentation Strategist, Widerfunnel

Vancouver, BC

Product Manager, Experimentation and Release, Waymo

Mountain View, CA

Sr Manager, A/B Testing (Experimentation), Grubhub

Chicago, IL

Product Manager – Advertiser Experimentation, Twitter

Remote (Oregon, US)

Associate Director, Experimentation, Walmart

San Francisco, CA

Engineering Manager, Experimentation, Uber

San Francisco, CA

Senior Mgr, Marketing Operations (Experimentation Execution Framework), Disney Streaming Services

New York City, NY

Sr. Experimentation Analyst, McAfee

Santa Clara, CA

Product Manager – Experimentation, Lyft

San Francisco, CA

Product Lead, Subscriber Growth Platforms, New York Times


Product Manager – Advertiser Experimentation, Twitter


Product Manager, Experimentation and Release, Waymo

Mountain View, CA

Principal Product Manager, A/B Testing,

Austin, TX

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, Evo

Remote, US

Digital Marketing Manager – Conversion Rate Optimization, Gartner

Austin, TX

Head of Conversion, Offerpad

Chandler, AZ

Director of Marketing, Conversion, Zazzle

Fort Collins, CO

Senior Manager, Conversion Rate Optimization, 2U

Brooklyn, NY

Product Manager (E-Comm), HBO Max


VP of Product Innovation, Growth, Netflix

Los Gatos, CA

Product Manager, Epic Games

Cary, NC

Manager, Data Science Experimentation, Disney Streaming Services


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