June 2020 round-up: Making room For experimentation, making better decisions, and misleading CRO advice

By: Daniel Molina
13 min. read Last updated: August 26th, 2020

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Experimentation News: June 2020

Digital transformation: 3 ways to make room for experimentation – Enterprisers Project – David F. Carr

If you want to make room for experimentation, you will have to budget and staff and plan for it. “You’ve got to make a decision to actually do that,” adds Mocker, a professor of information systems at ESB Business School in Germany and a research affiliate of the MIT Sloan School of Management. Read more…

Want to Make Better Decisions? Start Experimenting – MIT Sloan Review – Michael Luca and Max H. Bazerman

More broadly, an experimental mindset has permeated much of the tech sector and is spreading beyond that. These days, most major tech companies, such as Amazon, Facebook, Uber, and Yelp, wouldn’t make an important change to its platforms without running experiments to understand how it might influence user behavior. Some traditional businesses, such as Campbell Soup Co., have been dipping their toes into experiments for decades. And many more are ramping up their efforts in experimentation as they undergo digital transformations. Read more…

Most CRO advice is misleading and here is the data to prove it – Go Group Digital 

We tapped into GO’s centralized repository of experimentation data (CRED), which consists of over 33,075,792,035 data points from past experiments, to see how the advice stacks up against the data. The bottom line: some of it has merit, the rest is so contextual that it could be worthless to your organization. Read more…

Just 52% of Airlines Have Digital Optimization Plans in Place Right Now – SmallBizTrends.com – Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead

The survey found that some airlines understand the value of experimentation and digital optimization and others don’t. Those who are adopting the new experimentation and data-driven movement are more likely to be low-cost airlines. Those who still have a traditional approach to ecommerce and marketing seem to be full-service carriers. Read more…

IKEA Evolving Retail: Chief Digital Officer Barbara Martin Coppola – BornDigital.com – Max Greenwood

During the ongoing pandemic, these changes and more have happened at an incredible pace. Coppola points to an “increased overall digitization” speed that has allowed IKEA’s digital team to respond to the online influx by developing and launching solutions in an expedited manner.

“What we used to see happen in months, it would be done in days,” says Coppola. “It’s quick decision making for everything online.” Read more…

Achieve The Zen Of Focus Using Prioritization Frameworks – Forbes Agency Council – Chris Goward

Resource prioritization can be complex in business, and many executives are overwhelmed by the number of interdependent variables to consider. That’s where prioritization frameworks can help. Read more…

Microsoft says it is closing its Microsoft Store physical locations after shifting online during COVID-19 – USAToday.com – Kelly Tyko

“Our sales have grown online as our product portfolio has evolved to largely digital offerings, and our talented team has proven success serving customers beyond any physical location,” Microsoft Corporate Vice President David Porter said in the release. Read more…

‘You have full permission to hit the reset button’: Why marketers are using this period to experiment – Digiday.com – Lara O’reilly

“You can almost see our marketing budget as a big experimentation budget — we go where the water goes,” Dijk said. “There is still a willingness for us to experiment, as long as, for example, my finance colleagues sign off on it … I need to be best friends with my finance colleagues to be able to do that” Read more…

Why the Covid-19 pandemic could kick-start digital transformation at scale – TheDrum.com – Olivia Atkins

Coombes suggests that now is the time for brands to experiment. “There’s a huge opportunity to test new things and see how they land,” she says. “On the one hand, you want to test and innovate when things are stable, because at least you can control it. But at the same time, we’re constantly seeing new things come out that make you think what worked and what didn’t. We need to learn quickly” Read more…

A/B Testing and Covid-19: Data-Driven Decisions in Times of Uncertainty – Microsoft.com – Jen Townsend

This may sound familiar: you have been working on a new feature for weeks or months and excitedly release it to your users! Sadly, in the weeks following the release you notice a disturbing trend. A core metric that tracks user interest in your service is steadily decreasing!

A metric that tracks user engagement with your service has decreased since your feature release. What do you do? Do you roll back the feature update? Read more… 

Nike Expects Digital to Account for Half of Sales ‘in the Foreseeable Future’ – Risnews.com – Jamie Grill-Goodman

“[Consumers] don’t necessarily just want to buy digitally and have it shipped from home; you’re seeing during the pandemic and we believe it will continue. They want to buy it on their digital device and go pick it up in the store, or with soft goods like apparel, they may want to reserve it online and try it on in the store. They may want to be in a store and buy something that is not in the store because of inventory. And the associate uses a digital device to buy it and get shipped home. And so consumers increasingly want a consistent, seamless physical and digital experience.” Read more… 


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