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December 2020: Experimentation News Round Up

By: Daniel Molina Last updated: December 23rd, 2020 14 min. read

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Today’s Business Environment Requires Continuous Experimentation

Forbes | By Christian Selchau-Hansen

The world has changed, and marketers must reinvent how they reach customers, breaking down silos and increasing agility and experimentation with fewer resources. Covid-19 has pushed brands to ramp up their digital offerings overnight, and as consumers spend more time online, their expectations for relevance, value and frictionless online experiences have only grown.

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Businesses Embrace Digital Experimentation

MIT Digital | By MIT IDE

This year, a practitioner’s panel included platform giants, Netflix, Airbnb, and Facebook explaining how they use massive digital experimentation in their ad tracking, app design testing, and analytics.

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7 A/B Testing Examples To Bookmark [2021]

VWO | By Astha Khandelwal

VWO shares seven successful A/B testing success stories showcasing how some of the world’s leading companies have leveraged A/B testing and the culture of experimentation to their advantage.

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2020 B2B Marketing Practices That You Should Keep (Or Adopt) In 2021

Forrester Blog | By Jennifer Ross

#4: A culture of experimentation. Once just an aspiration for many B2B organizations, creating a culture of experimentation has gained momentum in 2020. The events of the year have forced marketers to embrace the unknown and become more innovative. To successfully innovate, companies needed to make experimentation an integral part of everyday routines — and that’s a good thing.

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CMOs: It’s time to lift our data-for decision making game

CMO | By Nadia Cameron

“This data for decisions allows us to interrogate our assumptions completely differently, and start to ask very different questions, not just about what the customer expects and how to meet those expectations, but how we can explore new markets, identify new paths to revenue, and how we can experiment in a way where we’re constantly succeeding forward.”

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‘Now is not the time to pull back’: MeUndies CMO Jeremy Lowenstein on planning for 2021

Glossy | By Danny Parisi

Overall, Lowenstein said it’s important for brands, if they are able, to not shy away from spending on innovation and experimentation. While the last year was traumatic for many, it’s also been a time of great change in how consumers are shopping. Brands need to meet that change head on.
“This is not the time to pull back from your spend,” he said. “Reinvest in your purpose. There was a lot happening this year, but 2021 presents a lot of opportunity.”

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Why Coca-Cola used 2020 as a ‘catalyst for spring cleaning’

MarketingWeek | By Molly Fleming

Coca-Cola’s leadership team has taken a step back this year to “challenge itself” to answer questions including, ‘How can we be more agile and be more nimble in the marketplace?’ Murphy said: “You’ve got to continue to be willing to explore and experiment while you drive and focus on the bigger players that can help fuel the overall growth equation in the near-term.”

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Blackmores invests in test-and-learn to lift ecommerce growth

CMO | By Nadia Cameron

Blackmores ecommerce manager, Matt Riley, said the ability to experiment across its website is a huge boon for growth. “We’ve found a quick and easy way to hypothesise, make the changes, run the experiments, and get some tangible results to take back to the business,” he said.

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How Church’s Chicken Uses Data To Drive its Digital Marketing

QSR Web | By Jenifer Kern

Technology in digital marketing is like a chisel: it’s only useful when it’s in skilled hands. “There’s this belief out there that technology is supposed to make it easy, but you really need smart digital folks who want to constantly evolve, test and learn and that have the right mindset to make the technology work as hard as it can,” Alan says. “Technology is only great in the hands of the right people.”

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Gartner: How to build a best-in-class marketing analytics strategy

CMO | By Nadia Cameron

“Polaris shows how analytics can be used as a coach, not scorekeeper, to improve marketing performance over time,” he said. “The lesson here is we have an opportunity to push backs confirmatory measurement and instead into measured predictions that drive growth.”

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How To Raise The Revenue Of A Newly Acquired Business With Conversion Rate Optimization

Forbes | By Andrew Gazdecki

You must lead your customers from the wilderness of the market to the cozy hearth of your business. A thousand things can go wrong on that journey and CRO is about fixing them, blending UX design with copywriting and customer psychology. It’s much more than making a big, shiny “Buy Now!” button, as you’re about to learn.

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Netflix at MIT CODE 2020

Netflix Technology Blog | By Martin Tingly

In November, Netflix was a proud sponsor of the 2020 Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE), hosted by the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. As well as providing sponsorship, Netflix data scientists were active participants, with three contributions.

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Past webinars / events:

TaylorMade Golf: The power of experimentation in direct-to-consumer eCommerce

Brandon Maskell, Optimization leader at TaylorMade, discusses how you can design a rigorous customer experience optimization program.

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Culture of experimentation: How organizational culture can make or break your testing program

Beth Foster, the leader of the Microsoft Digital Stores Experimentation team, shares the approaches she has taken to build a culture of experimentation, as well as her successes and failures along the way.

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