A-ha! Without a reliable map, visitors get lost

By: Natasha Wahid
4 min. read Last updated: April 24th, 2020

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A brief introduction

One of our more recent clients is an e-commerce site that manufactures and sells weather technology products.

When we started out with this client, many of the links on their homepage pointed toward content-heavy pages related to products.

During our Explore phase, however, we found that visitors who landed on product listings pages converted at a higher rate than those who landed on these content-heavy pages.

WiderFunnel Infinity Optimization Process
The Explore phase is half of the Infinity Optimization Process.

We wanted to improve the user experience.

So, we decided to include additional links to product categories and most popular products. We hoped this would make it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for, faster.

The Variations

For variation A, we dramatically redesigned the homepage to feature these popular shopping categories and products.

With this client, we jumped right in and did a major redesign.
With this client, we jumped right in and did a major redesign.

Sadly, our epic redesign had almost no impact.

Well…not at first.

Variation B was built on variation A. It was an exact replica, in fact, but we updated the links to send visitors to higher-performing product listings pages rather than product content pages.

This variation resulted in a 24.7% lift in completed orders, with a 27% increase in revenue per visitor.


Our drastic page redesign had minimal impact on visitor response and conversion rate lift until we adjusted the information architecture. Changing the links in variation B to send visitors to higher-converting pages made a huge impact.

This validated our original thought that some of the pages on this website weren’t conducive to e-commerce.

Nick So

This test was cool because it gave evidence to that initial gut instinct to bring users to products as opposed to non-valuable content.

Nick So, Optimization Strategist

As a veteran A/B tester, don’t ever discount your gut instinct ― but always test it.

A week of A-ha’s

This is the last post in our week-long series of ‘A-ha!’ moments. If you missed any of the previous posts, check ’em out here:

Conversion optimization is a long-term commitment; ‘A-ha!’s are the romantic gestures that remind you that it’s all worthwhile. With this series, we explored just a few of the ‘A-ha!’ moments that got us really excited about testing in 2015.

Remember: growth comes from insights. Keep track of the moments that make you say “A-ha!” and incorporate those insights into your future testing strategy.

Did you find this series helpful? Tell us about some of your ‘A-ha!’ moments from this past year.

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