The Future of Media & Entertainment: Part 3 – The best practices of major publishers

In this final article, we look at a few examples of how publishers are translating theory into practice.

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  • Experimentation News
May 2021: Experimentation News Round Up

In this post, e-commerce giant Mercado Libre explains how conversion rate optimization is applied in their organisation, the tools they use and how teams are structured.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization
How to prioritize conversion rate optimization tests using PIE

A common conversion optimization question, How do I know where to test first? Here are the three criteria to prioritize your tests: Potential, Importance and Ease. Let's look at how to use them.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization
The LIFT Model: Use these six factors to increase your conversion rate

This article is an introduction to the Landing Page Influence Function for Tests™ (or LIFT™) Model, a conversion optimization framework I developed for WiderFunnel to use to analyze conversion pages...

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  • Behavioural Science
How to use pricing psychology to motivate your shoppers

Black Friday, seasonal sales, and post-holiday blow-outs: Throughout the year, marketers rely on deals and discounts to get rid of inventory and boost sales. And your shoppers rush to fill...

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  • Experimentation News
April 2021: Experimentation News Round Up

Airbnb shares their journey in building Minerva, Airbnb’s metric platform that is used across the company as the single source of truth for analytics, reporting, and experimentation.

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  • A/B Testing
Beyond A vs. B: How to get better results with better experiment design

Overview 1. The basics: Defining A/B, MVT, and fractional factorial 2. Fractional factorial design: The middle ground 3. The Exploration Phase 4. Fractional factorial design in action 5. Case Study...

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Adopt framework thinking to be a marketing optimization leader

Learning from others is especially useful when they've assembled their knowledge into coherent frameworks. Learn how you can use the frameworks WiderFunnel has developed for your conversion optimization.

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  • CRO Tech Stacks
Building the essential marketing technology stack to fuel your experimentation program

An experimenter’s guide to marketing technology Most business leaders today are familiar with Scott Brinker’s famous Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic: Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2019). In 2019, the graphic included...

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