Applied behavioral science answers real-world business questions

Are you still guessing about what motivates your customers?

The great persuaders know that shoppers make decisions emotionally and then support their decisions logically. But traditional research methods can only reveal “what” and “how” people act. It has been impossible for business leaders to understand the emotional “why” behind their customers’ decisions—until now.

Today, understanding human emotional drivers is not limited to a select few academic researchers. New frameworks allow us to translate the latest behavioral economic research into tools business leaders can use.

Together, we can apply a rigorous, scientific approach to understanding and designing products and shopping experiences around human emotion and behavior.

Gain deeper customer insights with Widerfunnel’s Applied Behavioral Science

Our expert team will apply our proprietary behavioral science methodologies to illuminate how your customers think, behave, and make decisions—gathering actionable customer data. We combine these insights with behavioral design expertise to create and validate customer-centric solutions for your products,  customer experiences, business models, and communications.

We will evaluate your business challenges and opportunities, and design the best combination of research methods to triangulate on the deepest customer insight. You can hire us for our expertise in:

  • Limbic® model
  • Key Behavior Mapping
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Experience Benchmarking
  • Behavioral Audits
  • Design Sprints
  • Behavioral Design Principles
  • Hypothesis Workshops
  • Randomized Controlled Tests

Want to get started with Applied Behavioral Science at your company?

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Matt Wright

Director, Behavioral Science