Accenture acquiring Memetrics – and our sector continues to “get respect”

2 min. read | Last updated: March 12th, 2015

Just a few days ago, global management consultancy Accenture announced that it is acquiring Memetrics, a Web optimization testing company. This latest deal in our marketing performance sector follows Omniture acquiring TouchClarity and Offermatica last year and Interwoven buying Optimost.

IMHO these acquisitions represent not so much industry consolidation as a growing awareness (some might say ‘groundswell’) of the opportunity that conversion optimization presents to businesses, large and small, to “do more” with the expensive but anonymous traffic that is already on their websites. And — bonus! — it’s all measurable: it’s all about what customers *demonstrably* prefer and not what management or the web designer *likes*…

But (isn’t there always one?), there are real issues around execution.

Landing page optimization is not about the technology – it’s about business. There are many wonderful online testing tools, including free Google Website Optimizer, which allow marketers to run experiments on their web pages and determine which layout, offer, creative and copy combination deliver the highest number of conversions.

The execution issues revolve around…

Strategy : knowing where to begin; what test to you start with; what to test after; should you run A/B tests or multivariate, how to make sure the experiments do not take months to deliver a winner; what to do if there isn’t a concrete winner; how soon to run the next experiment…

These issues cannot be ‘winged’ and must be handled with professional care.

Processes: how to align the web page objectives to the overall business goals; how to integrate demand-generation activities to the optimization of the landing page; how to get buy-in from Sales; how to categorizes segments and traffic sources to cost-effectively deliver content targeting; how to locate key conversion funnel steps… And then, who actually *does* the creative work (wireframes, graphic design, layouts, copy and content, mockups, etc), who takes care of the technical installation and QA…

These questions call for repeatable and scalable services to deliver measurable positive results. Again, these processes cannot be ‘winged’.

Resources: companies try to figure out if they can we leverage existing skill sets (But how many companies have idle marketing resources who just happen to have experience with testing and testing processes…?). Other companies try to find external resources experienced in identifying, defining, and creating tests (emphasis on “experienced”)

There are only a handful of marketing services companies around the globe who know a thing or two about landing page optimization and how to deliver business value… (and yes, WiderFunnel definitely is one of them!)

Budgets: landing page optimization is new, and organizations do not have line items in the budget to pay for it. So the organizational issue becomes determining which department pays for it and how much should be allocated to optimization…

The good news is that sophisticated business people understand that the lift in the conversion rate will most likely more than pay for the cost of testing (at least that is what we have seen with pretty much all of our clients, where the cost of testing has been offset by the improved results many, many times over!)

Exciting times for all of ussophisticated business people who understand the power of optimizing web pages for improved conversions!


Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

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