Great web strategy is enabled with great software tools. Widerfunnel is technology agnostic and we work with the best tools in the industry. We also work with lots of tools that aren’t mentioned here, plus house-built tools that our clients bring. Great strategy also adapts to your needs.

  • Optimizely

    Optimizely is a world leader in customer experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its best in class experimentation software platform. Widerfunnel was the first global authorized consultant agency for Optimizely and is holds Optimizely’s highest rating as a 3-Star Solutions partner.

  • Adobe Analytics & Target

    The Adobe platform is chosen by many Enterprise brands for it’s comprehensive suite of tools. Widerfunnel is an expert in transforming the data insights from Adobe Analytics into powerful experiments using Adobe Target.

  • FullStory

    FullStory provides thousands of companies globally with unparalleled insights into the digital experiences of their customers. Product management, software development, marketing, and customer support and success teams all use FullStory’s innovative, fast, and secure digital intelligence platform to understand and transform the customer experience online. WiderFunnel is a Preferred Partner in the FullStory Solutions Partner Program.

  • Tealium

    Tealium’s tag management system, the Universal Data Hub, connects your mobile, web, offline, and other data sources together with over 1,000 vendor integrations to provide an integrated view of your customers. We use it with our clients to deliver more powerful personalized digital experiences.

  • Evergage

    Evergage’s real-time 1:1 personalization and customer data platform enables digital marketers to leverage in-depth behavioral analytics, customer data and machine learning to deliver maximally relevant, individualized experiences to their visitors and users.

  • Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

    VWO is an easy A/B testing tool that allows marketing professionals to create different versions of their websites and landing pages using a point-and-click editor.

  • Dynamic Yield

    Dynamic Yield is a Unified Customer Engagement Platform that helps you optimize, personalize and contextualize your customers’ digital experiences in real-time, across any channel. Our proprietary SaaS solution empowers marketers, retailers, and publishers to test, manage and transform the complete customer journey, and drive immediate engagement and revenue without ever having to rely on IT.

  • Qubit

    Qubit offers a blank canvas for businesses to deliver their big ideas. Their digital marketing hub brings together analytics, segmentation, A/B testing, and web personalization into an integrated workflow, so that intelligent customer experiences can be delivered across every brand touchpoint.

  • Monetate

    Monetate offers a full range of marketing features, including A/B/n testing, dynamic graphic rendering and geo-targeting.

  • Quantum Metric

    A real-Time Cross-Device Digital Intelligence Platform that simplifies how organizations identify their highest value revenue opportunities. Widerfunnel is an expert in identifying customer experience insights using Quantum Metric and transforming them into powerful experiments that increase profit.


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