Optimizely and WiderFunnel Announce Strategic Alliance

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Optimizely and WiderFunnel Announce Strategic Alliance

Nov 06, 2012 – Vancouver, BC – WiderFunnel and Optimizely are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to deliver a unified conversion optimization solution for mid-market and enterprise websites. Optimizely’s easy-to-use testing technology combined with WiderFunnel’s strategic conversion optimization system is a best-in-class combination for high traffic companies. WiderFunnel is the first global Optimizely-approved conversion agency.

Today’s announcement comes at a time when conversion optimization is growing rapidly. With digital marketers and website managers pressed to produce more profit from their websites and online marketing investments, many are finding significant gains from testing their content, layouts and value proposition messages. As adoption of conversion optimization tools like Optimizely has soared – the company currently boasts over 2,800 customers – the need for strategic conversion expertise has risen as well. Companies are realizing that a tool alone won’t solve their challenges and the tools need to be paired with effective strategy and experience.

“A growing base of more than 3,000 active customers speaks to the demands of the market. Testing is the only way to ensure your website is continuously improving its ability to drive revenue,” says Optimizely CEO, Dan Siroker. “Companies are also asking for guidance about what to test first and how to develop a plan. That’s where WiderFunnel’s depth of experience adds value.”

The companies together will deliver a solution for companies that want to lift conversion rates and revenue on a continual basis.

Chris Goward, CEO of WiderFunnel sees the partnership as a boon for the industry. “Marketers often give up testing when their first attempts don’t deliver the results they hoped for,” Goward says, “It’s because they’re doing it wrong. Our goal is to set up companies for success and embed conversion optimization as a strategic part of their business. Once they get a taste of success seeing, they’ll never stop testing.“

The partnership will kick-off with a joint online webinar presentation by both companies on November 15th showing case studies and tips for getting the most from conversion optimization.

To learn more and signup for the webinar, visit: //widerfunnel.com/webinar-strategic-conversion-optimization-process

About WiderFunnel Marketing Inc.

Founded in 2007, WiderFunnel is the full-service Conversion Optimization agency and developer of industry-leading methodologies for continuous conversion rate improvement.

WiderFunnel plans, designs and delivers web page templates and landing pages that are statistically proven to convert more visitors into leads or customers. WiderFunnel has developed conversion strategies for some of world’s leading brands including Google, Electronic Arts, Shutterfly, Iron Mountain, SAP, and more.

To learn more about WiderFunnel and conversion rate solution go to //widerfunnel.com/solutions

About Optimizely

Optimizely was founded by two former Google product managers, Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen. Dan served as the Director of Analytics during the Obama 2008 presidential campaign. While there, his team relied on the use of A/B and multivariate testing to maximize e-mail sign-ups, volunteers, and donations to raise more than $100 million in additional revenue for the campaign.

But optimization was hard — you needed technical skills and know-how to run even the simplest of tests. After the campaign, Siroker teamed up with Koomen to create a world-class optimization platform that was easy to use in an effort to provide a platform for businesses to be able to conceive and run experiments that helped them make better data-driven decisions.

Since completing YCombinator in the winter of 2010, Optimizely has seen strong and growing demand. http://www.optimizely.com

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