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Widerfunnel is the leading optimization and experimentation company. We partner with change-makers in growing organizations to launch, accelerate, and scale their experimentation programs—leveraging our industry-leading frameworks and methodologies. Our clients, such as HP, GM, Intercom, Sport Chek, and The Motley Fool, see relentless growth and gain insights that empower them to make confident, evidence-based business decisions.

Potential Topics for Media & Speaking Engagements

  • How to supercharge your customer journey with emotionally resonant experiences
  • Why experimentation programs fail (and an action plan to get back on course)
  • Building an experimentation engine: An enterprise’s transformation journey
  • Using behavioral science for better experiment hypotheses and insights
  • How to build and maintain a high-performance growth team
  • Becoming your company’s most valuable growth champion
  • A roadmap to creating the most effective personalization strategy
  • 3 points to creating an awesome value proposition
  • Transforming customer insights into revenue-driving experiments

Media Coverage

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Speaker Bio’s

Chris Goward, Founder & CEO, Widerfunnel

When companies like Google, Square, IBM, and Asics want to improve their marketing results, they call Chris Goward. Chris founded Widerfunnel with the belief that marketing agencies should prove their value. He is the brain behind the LIFT Model® and Infinity Optimization Process™;, growth marketing frameworks that consistently lift results for leading enterprises. He wrote the book, “You Should Test That!,” which redefined conversion rate optimization and has spoken at more than 300 events globally, showing how to create dramatic business improvements.

Matt Wright, Director of Behavioral Science, Widerfunnel

As Widerfunnel’s Director of Behavioral Science, Matt Wright spends his days uncovering the core emotional drivers of our clients’ customers, and turning those insights into experiences. Combining groundbreaking research techniques, the latest psychological science, and proprietary psychographic models, Matt conducts deep-dive analyses into what makes customers tick. He lives on the cutting edge of marketing psychology and behavioral economics, and shares his expertise at virtual events and conferences like Hero Conference and MProfs B2B Forum.

James Flory, Senior Experimentation Strategist, Widerfunnel

James Flory is a Senior Experimentation Strategist at Widerfunnel, working directly with leading brands like Direct Energy, H&R Block, weBoost, and The Motley Fool to achieve tangible growth through experimentation. James has expertise in behavioral psychology and personalization, and is a featured speaker at events and workshops across North America.


For media or speaker inquiries, please contact:

Alice Liang, Marketing Lead
[email protected]

Widerfunnel Glossary – Terms & Spelling

LIFT Model®: A framework for analyzing web and mobile
experiences and developing A/B test hypotheses. Currently the go-to conversion optimization framework for leading companies around the world.

Infinity Optimization Process™: A structured approach to conversion optimization strategy and execution.

PIE Framework: A framework for prioritizing where and what to test first, using the three criteria of Potential, Importance, and Ease.

Limbic® model: A proprietary framework based on the latest findings across a variety of disciplines including neuroanatomy, evolutionary biology, neurochemistry, and psychology. It allows us to identify the dominant personality types of a client’s target customers.

Experimentation PACET™: The five attributes that make up an impactful experimentation program: Process, Accountability, Culture, Expertise, and Technology. These are your Experimentation PACET.

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