About Widerfunnel

Chris Goward launched Widerfunnel in 2007 with the vision of a different kind of digital agency. One where results matter more than awards. Where we prove the value we bring to clients every day. Where we find solutions to challenges and don’t give up until we do.

When our first batch of clients included organizations like Tourism British Columbia, SAP and Google, we knew we were on to something big. And we’ve continued to grow profitably ever since.

We began with a simple idea to dramatically improve conversion rates and revenue for our clients through scientific website testing. We have now developed that idea into a highly refined Conversion Optimization System that delivers consistent conversion rate and revenue improvement for clients in all industries, for all audiences and from any location.

Google was, in fact, a big player in helping us refine our system. They were one of our biggest clients in the early years, testing and refining our system with pure volume. (By the way, when Google asks, “Can you scale?” they mean it!)

We will maximize your website’s profit quickly

Using our Infinity Optimization Process™, we deliver powerful A/B/n split tests and Multivariate testing as the crucible for marketing decision-making. As a result, Widerfunnel clients consistently see conversion rate lift of between 10% and 700%, and more!

Experimentation is all we do!

We could have split our focus and gone into many digital marketing areas, but we decided to focus on one thing we could be the best in the world at.

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