What We Do

You don’t need more opinions. You need results.

Everyone has an opinion about your website – your web designer, technology providers, digital agency, marketing department, sales, finance, consultants, etc. – but who really knows what works?

You won’t get more gut-feeling-based opinions from us.

What you’ll get from us is a team of A-players using a proven process to continuously accelerate your business growth. You’ll get improved conversion rates, revenue per visitor, confidence in your optimization strategy, and ‘A-ha!’ moments of insight about your customers.

Improving your optimization process and profit. That’s what we do.

We eat, sleep, and breathe results. To us, that’s not a cliché – it’s how we believe business should run.

We do everything it takes to lift your marketing-driven revenue: optimization strategy, voice of customer research, web analytics, design of experiments, hypothesis development, copywriting, graphic design, technical development, and insight-driven analysis included.

If you want a true partner who will help you get the best results from your marketing, you should talk to us.

How we do it?

The Infinity Optimization Process™.

Infinity Optimization Process (TM)

The Infinity Optimization Process starts in our explore phase, where we gather insights about your business and customers through many different sources: stakeholder interviews, user research, web analytics and other voice-of-customer analyses. All the data-gathering is centered around the LIFT Model™, which is our framework for understanding your customers’ conversion barriers and persuasion opportunities.

Then, with customer insights in hand, our team cycles into the validate phase, where we develop and test powerful hypotheses. Here, we prioritize experiments using the PIE framework, develop the experimental design to maximize insight-validation and run full-service A/B tests. The high-impact A/B tests are run on your live websites and mobile experiences without taxing your internal resources.

Result: growth and insights

The goals of both the explore and validate phases are to generate important insights that produce revenue lift and profitable growth for your company.

Those insights are what we call ‘A-ha!’ Moments.

In fact, our company vision is all about you. It says:
We give clients profitable ‘A-ha!’ moments every day.

Why us?

We focus on the one thing we are best in the world at.

When the company launched in 2007, we made the hard choice to focus only on developing our rigorous conversion optimization process, which meant not doing a lot of the other things we could have made money at. We believe that’s why we’re the best in the business. We have run thousands of experiments to deliver measurable and continuous improvements and have learned from every one of them.

That database of test results shows us what really works. We use it to cross-pollinate ideas across all industries and get better results, faster. That means, the more tests we run, the more knowledge we have to improve your marketing – and we run a lot of tests.

We have worked with hundreds of clients from Fortune 500 to small owner-operators. No matter the industry vertical, company size or structure, the Infinity Optimization Process works.