“There is always a better way.” ― Thomas A. Edison

Chris Goward

Founder & CEO

When companies like Google, Electronic Arts, ebay, Magento, and 1-800 Flowers want great marketing optimization results, they call Chris Goward. Chris founded WiderFunnel with the belief that marketing agencies should prove their value. He wrote the book, “You Should Test That!,” which redefined conversion optimization and outlines how to create dramatic business improvements. He is the brain behind the LIFT Model™ and WiderFunnel System™ – conversion optimization strategies that consistently LIFT results for leading companies. Sign up for his blog at WiderFunnel.com/blog

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The psychological persuasiveness of Aylan Kurdi’s tragic story

Why has Aylan Kurdi’s story had such an outsized motivational effect on the world? Why didn’t the world act with such vigour before it was published? Here are the psychological secrets.

Ask your questions here for the optimization Ask Me Anything

This week, for the first time ever, WiderFunnel’s entire optimization team will answer your questions on this ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) thread. Add your questions here!

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Evolutionary site redesign applied to the homepage & search results page.

12 Distractions on one landing page: Is your website better?

The problem of Distraction is one of the most important hindrances to your website’s conversion performance. Your visitors brains are like computer CPUs, just like yours. We may think we’re smart, but we have limited processing power and any “application” we run can use it up and reduce our ability to process other applications (e.g. other streams of information). By removing these major distracting elements, you can greatly lift your conversion rate and profit.