LIFT Model for Web Page Analysis

Our multi-disciplinary team uses the LIFT Model™ to analyze your pages and identify conversion blockages.

The Landing page influence Function for tests (LIFT) Model is the conversion rate optimization framework WiderFunnel uses to improve marketers’ ability to communicate, persuade, and convert prospects.

The model shows the six conversion factors that allow you to evaluate landing pages from the perspective of your prospects.

LIFT Model™ web page analysis framework

LIFT Model™ web page analysis framework

The vehicle that provides the potential for the conversion rate is your Value Proposition, making it the most important of the six conversion factors. The other five factors either drive conversion or inhibit it. Relevance, Clarity, and Urgency are the conversion drivers we can test to lift conversion rates. Anxiety and Distraction are conversion inhibitors that you need to reduce on your pages to remove barriers to conversion.

Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the full set of perceived benefits and costs, in the prospect’s mind, of taking your call to action.

Do you have the best customer service, lowest prices, highest quality? Do you know what’s really most important to your prospects? We will test to find out what makes your company the best in their minds.


Does the web page relate to what the visitor thought they were going to see?
 The Relevance of the value proposition and context of the source media is critical.


Does the landing page clearly articulate the value proposition and call-to-action?
Clarity is one of the most common area
that marketers struggle. Designing for Clarity creates an unimpeded “eyeflow” and Content Clarity ensures the images and text combine to minimize comprehension time.


Is there a strong reason to act now? Internal Urgency is generally pre-existing when the visitor arrives on the page. The tone of the presentation, offers and time-limitations can all influence External Urgency. Your offers, tone and design can all influence perceived urgency. We’ve tested many ways to increase urgency and will test which one works best for you.


What are potential misgivings the visitor could have about undertaking the conversion action? Anxiety relates to the Credibility your website has built with the visitor and the Trust you are asking them to have.


Is anything on page diverting visitors away from the goal?
The more visual stimulus and action options your visitors have to process, the less likely they are to convert. Minimizing distractions like unnecessary product options, links and extraneous information can significantly increase the conversion rate.

Within each of these six factors are the many tips and sub-factors that WiderFunnel’s skilled conversion experts use to dramatically improve website conversion rates.

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