Our Process

Marketing improvement starts with strategy

  • Are you spending resources testing areas with low potential for improvement?
  • Have you properly prioritized your testing opportunities?
  • Are you optimizing for goals that will improve your bottom line or unknowingly hurting your end results?

These are only a few of many questions the Kaizen Plan can answer for you.

WiderFunnel’s Kaizen Plan is your conversion optimization strategy. “Kaizen” means “continuous improvement”—and that’s what you’ll get.

The Kaizen Plan

By understanding the intricacies of your business, your marketing goals, and website goals, we are able to prioritize testing opportunities and implement the right experiments that drive the most impactful results.

We take a multi-angle approach to ensure that all areas of your business are considered before starting conversion testing. During the in-depth discovery stakeholder workshop, we discuss areas of the business that will shape the testing strategy.


Business Objectives

An in-depth analysis of business goals, traffic-driving methods, and marketing strategies to ensure alignment with website goals.

Customer Research

Understanding of your customer research and personas will help our strategists get into their mind-frame when analyzing your website and landing page experiences.

Website Analytics

Deep dive of your website’s analytics to fully understand your visitors’ interactions and areas of your website that will have the highest impact for testing.

Heuristic Analysis

A review of the website experience from the perspective of your prospect is overlaid with the web analytics data to find consistencies.

The result of the stakeholder workshop is a customized WiderFunnel Kaizen Plan that prioritizes conversion testing opportunities (using the PIE Framework™) to maximize your conversion rate improvement.

The PIE Framework

The PIE Framework considers 3 important factors that effectively prioritize testing opportunities for successful test rounds.



How much potential is there for conversion rate lift on this testing opportunity?


How important is this page? How many visitors will be impacted from the test? What is the traffic volume? What is the cost of the traffic? What is the quality of the traffic? What is the impact on ROI?


How easy is it to test on the identified page? What are the barriers, both technical and political, to testing that surround this page.

Once your conversion strategy is in place, we start split testing using the 7-Step Experiment Process for testing.

Learn about our 7-step testing process.