What We Do

You don’t need more opinions.
You need results.

Everyone has an opinion about your website—your web designer, technology providers, digital agency, marketing department, sales, finance, consultants, etc.—but who really knows what works?

We’re not going to give you more gut-feeling-based opinions.

We test everything we recommend and will give you what you really need—ideas that work.

Improving your website’s conversion rate and profit. That’s what we do.

We eat, sleep, and breathe results. To us, that’s not a cliché—it’s how we believe business should run.

Whether we’re creating A/B split tests to lift your website’s conversions and revenue, or uncovering marketing insights to understand your customers, our conversion optimization system produces winning results for every client.

We do whatever it takes to get more conversions from your web marketing: conversion strategy, voice of customer, web analytics, test planning, hypothesis development, copywriting, graphic design, technical implementation, and insightful analysis included.
If you want a true partner who will help you get the best results from your marketing, you should talk to us.

The WiderFunnel system runs high-impact experiments on your live websites and landing pages without taxing your internal resources.

We start by building a custom conversion optimization strategy with you, called your Kaizen Plan™, which solidifies your goals and prioritizes your website tests.
The Kaizen Plan lays out a series of controlled experiments to run on your most important customer touch-points. The plan will also identify gaps in customer knowledge that can be improved with surveys, web analytics improvements and other services.

The best results come from the tests

We believe tests should solve conversion problems, not just chase after design tips and tactics. That’s why each experiment starts with powerful hypotheses developed using the LIFT Model™.
LIFT Model

The LIFT Model is an important framework our strategists use to isolate important hypotheses that get results.

Then, we document the test plan with a FunEx™ Map, create design and copywriting for the test variations, develop HTML for each variation, support the technical integration, and provide insights in the test results analysis.

Most importantly, you get winning results

Since 2007 we have planned and executed thousands of experiments that deliver measurable and continuous improvements. Every one of our clients has seen conversion rate and revenue lift of between 10% and 750%.

That database of test results shows us what really works. We use it to cross-pollinate ideas across all industries and get better results, faster. That means, the more tests we run, the more knowledge we have to improve your marketing—and we run a lot of tests.

We have worked with hundreds of clients from Fortune 500 to small owner-operators. No matter the industry vertical, company size or structure, the WiderFunnel System works.

And more…

You’ll also get more than just conversion rate and revenue lift (as if that isn’t enough!) We plan our tests to produce marketing insights that can inform your marketing strategy and other areas of your business. These insights also lead to even greater improvements in future tests.

Find out how the WiderFunnel System will produce the revenue lift and marketing insights you’ve been looking for.

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