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InkfarmMichael Herder | Inkfarm.com
CEO “Inkfarm.com was a a highly optimized site to begin with, but WiderFunnel managed to squeeze out a substantial increase in conversion rate. This was no easy feat in the competitive Ink and Toner business. We are very happy with our ROI of over 400%. Megan and the others were professional, experienced, and a pleasure to work with.”
OptimizelyDan Siroker | Optimizely
CEO Companies are also asking for guidance about what to test first and how to develop a plan. That’s where WiderFunnel’s depth of experience adds value”
TravelGuidesFreeCree Lawson | TravelGuidesFree
CEO “The WiderFunnel team was both insightful and analytical in their approach to optimizing TravelGuidesFree.We were amazed by our results and continue to partner with them to increase conversion rates on our site!
Overnight PrintsJacqueline Simpson | Tourism BC
Marketing Manager, North America “It was insightful to find out how important our thank you page could be in content engagement. I was impressed to see such a huge improvement!WiderFunnel’s testing system was very well planned and produces results we couldn’t have achieved on our own.”
Overnight PrintsJoel Tkach | Tourism BC
Marketing Manager, Consumer Programs, North America “Working with WiderFunnel allows us to precisely gauge and improve our campaign success. We now have the ability to test and adjust elements of our website in real-time to maximize response generated from our consumer campaigns.We’re thrilled they introduced us to online conversion optimization. Not only have we seen incredible results, we also modified our marketing processes to keep up with the learning.”
Overnight PrintsBrian Salau Beck | Overnight Prints
COO “Our engagement with WiderFunnel has been incredibility valuable – not only have we been able to substantially increase our business card printing sales, but we are also leveraging the insights we gleaned from WiderFunnel’s tests to optimize our subsequent landing pages and to increase our conversions across other product landing pages.”
N3V GamesTony Hilliam | N3V Games
President & CEO “We loved the new landing page concepts the WiderFunnel team created for us. Their strategic design and copywriting expertise was clearly evident from the get-go. We couldn’t be happier with our landing page lift rate thanks to an improved value proposition and tested design.”
Sun Microsystems logoLisa Seaman | Sun Microsystems
Senior Web Analyst “I was amazed to see the Chris and the rest of the Wider Funnel team did an excellent job of leading the Sun team through our first page optimization test using Website Optimizer. Chris was organized, on time, patient, detail-oriented, thorough, and always in a good mood! Chris and his team exceeded my expectations, and it was a joy to work with them.”
Rasmussen College logoJosh Braaten | Rasmussen College
Senior Online Marketing Manager “Chris Goward has assembled a complete team of conversion optimization professionals in WiderFunnel. His straight-forward and effective methodology for improving website conversion paired with Chris’ leadership and the execution of his expert team helped us launch a successful website testing strategy. I enjoyed and recommend working with Chris and his team.”
Planet Amex logoBlake Fleetwood | Planet Amex
Cook — An American Express Travel Representative “I was amazed to see the 48% increase in phone calls that WiderFunnel’s new landing pages produced. The analysis, recommendations and winning page is obviously better now that I see it, but we wouldn’t have come up with these ideas on our own. The phones are ringing off the hook and now I have to hire more phone reps!”
pluraleyes logoBruce Sharpe | PluralEyes
President and CEO “When I saw the LIFT Analysis, I was impressed with the insightful critique that had been done… The suggested test variations were something we would not have come up with ourselves. We guessed which would be the most successful and were quite pleased to be proved dead wrong. The real world is full of surprises and it’s only through actual testing that you can know…the results were great and we implemented the changes right away.
allPopArt logoAna Sanchez | allPopart
Co-Founder & President “Knowing with certainty that a new web page layout and copy improve purchase conversions AND revenues is invaluable to us…
Intel.comBrent Carlson | Intel
Ad Solutions Manager “A HUGE thanks to everyone at WiderFunnel for the smart thinking and heavy lifting…
BabyAge.comJack Kiefer | BabyAge.com
Cofounder, President & CEO “…[w]e are absolutely delighted with the 22% increase in sales!
CanaDream Optimization TestimonialKerry Worth | CanaDream
Director of Marketing & Communications “…I was surprised to see how testing seemingly small changes in copy and design on a small content area of the site had such a huge impact on our business.
CoastalContacts.comStefan Hawes | CoastalContacts.com
VP Marketing “We value the insights WiderFunnel enabled, as the tests have made us aware of the fact that the optimal way to determine the home page design is through testing…
Colonial CandleKatie Fernands | Colonial Candle
Internet Marketing Manager “…their test design produced a 20% lift in conversions, which generated an additional $20,000 revenue in one month time.
Colonial CandleMichael Grier | Dish Systems
Director of Marketing & Business Development “…WiderFunnel Marketing truly astounded us. They delivered an amazing conversion rate lift…
Electronic Arts logoMark Woodrow | The Sims
Senior Director “We hired WiderFunnel to increase our game registration conversion rate and they delivered more than we expected!…WiderFunnel designed awesome test variations that doubled our game registrations, adding real value to our franchise…”
Elastic PathJanis Lanka | Elastic Path
Interactive Developer “The WiderFunnel team was amazing at walking us through the entire planning, design, and technical implementation process for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics A/B split tests while answering all of our questions…
Environics Analytics Conversion Optimization TestimonialJan Kestle | Environics Analytics
President “…the setup and feedback were done in very short timeframes and the signups for their experimental page were almost triple those for our control.
Extra Space StorageScott Jensen | Extra Space Storage
Interactive Marketing Manager “WiderFunnel gave us great ideas to improve our conversion rates and our site now delivers better results, and looks much better also!
FaveCraftsStuart Hochwert | FaveCrafts
President “They executed perfectly, never missed a deadline and had impeccable follow-up.We’re looking forward to launching the next test!
FincadKathy Thomas | Fincad
Senior Marketing Manager“The testing that WiderFunnel does is great and would benefit most organizations looking to improve their conversion rates!
Google Website OptimizerTom Leung | Google Website Optimizer“WiderFunnel has demonstrated a strong pre-existing track record in planning, executing, troubleshooting, and evangelizing content testing.
Google logoAndrew Gomez | Google Product Marketing
Product Marketing Manager“They are true A/B and Multivariate testing experts.
GPS CentralDavid Dominy | GPS Central
President“WiderFunnel understood our business needs, differentiators and target market quickly. The conversion optimization test plan they developed with us reduced the risk of the redesign hurting our business and, instead, showed a 15% sales lift!
Graphically SpeakingJohn Almond | Graphically Speaking
Web Strategist“In every project so far our collaboration with WiderFunnel has delivered significantly improved conversion rates for our clients. The WiderFunnel team have been easy to work with and never fail to follow through on all their commitments.”
HairClub.comLee Zoppa | Hair Club
VP of Marketing & Advertising“We were already well into testing for conversion improvements but the impressive results of WiderFunnel’s approach proved that there is more to conversion optimization than meets the eye.
KaseyaChad Gniffke | Kaseya
Sr. Product Marketing Manager“WiderFunnel clearly are the experts in crafting compelling conversion funnel design and content.
LemonFree.comLance Schafer | LemonFree.com
President“WiderFunnel rapidly understood our unique business model and found creative ways to address our measurement challenges. The winning variation exceeded our expectations by a long shot and allowed us to surpass our business goals!
North Shore Credit UnionCatharine Downes | North Shore Credit Union“ We’re making several of the recommended changes immediately to improve conversion rates
Rudder Inc.Nikhil Roy | Rudder.com
CEO“[WiderFunnel] brought to the table the full range of skills necessary, from experiment design to web design, copy, coding and more, and delivered superior results on time and on budget.
Safe SoftwareJaylene Crick | Safe Software
Director of Marketing“We are absolutely thrilled with the results WiderFunnel Marketing continuous to deliver for us…By working with them and carrying out ongoing testing and experimentation, we don’t have to wait four years to do another redesign – it’s an ongoing improvement process.””
Saint Jude RetreatsDaniel Hidalgo | Saint Jude Retreats
Marketing Director“I am delighted with the results generated by the experiments we carried out with WiderFunnel. An overall lift on our program request conversion rate of 28.9% has been the greatest accomplishment of any project my division has been involved with over the last 3 years.”
SytropinLuis Monge | Sytropin
Marketing Manager“We were very skeptical that the changes the WiderFunnel strategist proposed would make a difference but you proved us wrong!” More…
Trafford ConsultingMushitak Dost | Trafford Consulting
Director“This experience with WiderFunnel has changed the way we do business. Knowing the importance of conversions and optimization, we’re able get our clients a significant number of leads within weeks and we’ve drastically cut lead acquisition costs.”
W3iPeter Novotny | W3i
Manager of Marketing“ WiderFunnel recommended and executed a multivariate testing strategy to refine the performance of the page. To see a 162% lift in such a short time is outstanding!”
WineExpress logoGlenn Edelman | WineExpress
VP of E-Commerce“We didn’t expect WiderFunnel’s testing to have such a massive impact on revenues and certainly learned a lot from their expert eye.”