Google+ and Search Engine Optimization: An Interview with Janet Driscoll Miller

The marketing department recently sent me out with a Flip Mino in hand to interview some of the great speakers at the conferences I was speaking at.

Here is the first of 4 interviews I conducted with Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO of Search Mojo, who gives some insights into Google+  and its implications for organic Google search rankings.

Get the low down on:

  • How Google+ can affect your website’s organic rankings
  • Recommendations on administering Google+ for search
  • Insights on the “social search environment” and how it will evolve


Stay tuned for more interviews in the coming weeks as my foray as a journalist continues…


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  • Harris Jenkins

    Google+ for most people isn't as enticing as other social networks. Well known sites are definitely Facebook and Twitter.

  • @chrisgoward

    This was a custom made theme. There are lots of great pre-made ones you can buy at Theme Forest, though:


    The advice about using your own email adress on your own domain is extremely important, it saved us a lot of problems.
    Very nice interveiw despite the soud quality.

    • @chrisgoward

      Thanks! I'm glad it was helpful.

  • Unik

    Thanks Chris!
    Excellent video, i was totally neglecting G+ for SEO, now i changed my mind.

    I have a question tough, i'm looking to rank better in regional google ( for example) so if i do post on G+ where i have regional circles will it help me out?

    • @chrisgoward

      All indications that I've seen say that G+ will help for local search, and certainly won't hurt. Google is emphasizing G+ for local listings. Check this out:

      If anyone else has other insights on this, feel free to chime in.

  • Jon – Pro Seo Web

    Amazing. Clear and accurate approach to a solid conversion optimization method. Thanks for sharing.