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The Most Effective Website Redesign Strategy


I have an exciting case study to share about the Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR) strategy! We’ve shown it to be the better website redesign strategy for several companies, from mid-sized for Fortune 500, and the stories are exciting. We’ve literally seen Fortune 500 clients of ours scrap their redesign projects mid-stream in favour of switching [...]

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Website Redesign Horror Stories Revisited

Website redesign nightmare horror Infographic

Last year, in the spirit of Halloween, WiderFunnel produced our first “blackpaper”, Website Redesign Horror Stories: The Top 9 Nightmares to Vanquish! The blackpaper details the top 9 nightmare scenarios of website redesign projects and how you can avoid them. It was one of the most popular pieces of content we produced in the last 12 [...]

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The Top 9 Website Redesign Nightmares Infographic

Website redesign nightmare horror Infographic

If you want to pass around a handy executive summary of the “blackpaper” we released last week, here’s a new infographic-style recap of the Top 9 Website Redesign Nightmares.

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Website Redesign Horror Stories – a Free Blackpaper Download

Website Redesign Horror Nightmares

If you’ve ever been through a website redesign, you’ll enjoy our new whitepaper, which, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re calling our first “blackpaper.” It’s called “Website Redesign Horror Stories: The Top 9 Nightmares to Vanquish!” and is available as a free to download.

It details the Top 9 Nightmare scenarios of website redesign projects and how you can avoid them permanently with Evolutionary Site Redesign, plus how to get 40%+ conversion rate lift from the new redesign process. You’ll never want to do a Revolutionary Site Redesign again!

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An Introduction to Evolutionary Site Redesign with WiderFunnel’s Blog

Evolutionary Site Redesign diagram

I’m pleased to share our new blog design with you today.

A few months ago, after neglecting our website design for several years, we concluded that we finally had to pay it some attention (!)

I’d like to share how we approached our own blog and website redesign. I’d also like to share our new approach to website redesign, called Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR). I believe it represents the future of website design for companies that care about results.

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Conversion Optimization for Responsive Web Design

Conversion Optimization A/B Testing

We’ve had lots of interest and inquiries about Responsive Web Design since our recent blog post. In it, we showed how Google recommends Responsive Web Design and is evolving their SERPs to use RWD.

With mobile usage skyrocketing and confusion abounding about how to handle T-commerce and various screen sizes, the high level of interest is justified.

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Responsive Design: the T-Commerce and Mobile Cure-All?

Tattly Responsive Web Design

As the debate around how ecommerce websites should optimize for T-Commerce and mobile shopping continues, the challenges for ecommerce retailers mount as new mobile devices and platforms hit the market. The data is unambiguous: without a mobile site experience, shoppers abandon in droves.

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Google Weighs in on Responsive Website Design

Google SERP map 1000px

Recently we’ve noticed that Google has switched to a partial responsive web design for their maps on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They’re also now recommending that mobile sites be built using responsive design. I’ll get into that in a moment, but first, you may be wondering what I mean by responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design has been gaining traction in recent months within the web design community. It’s a relatively new way of designing sites to detect a visitor’s browser size and customize the page display to match. You’ll know you’re on a responsive design site when the images change size and the page layout shifts as you resize your browser.

Smashing Magazine’s Responsive Design

Smashing Magazine provides an excellent example of responsive design. Take a look at how their page layout shifts with decreasing browser size.

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The 80/20 Rule of Online Shopping Carts


The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, has lots of applications in the online marketing world, like here and here. I even wrote about it here in a past life. Another instance of the magical 80/20 ratio in Marketing occurred to me the other day as we were analyzing a client’s online checkout [...]

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How to Redesign Your Website and Lift Sales by 15%

Garmin 1350T Navigator

Tweet Register to win a Garmin 1350T Are you considering a website redesign? Want to avoid the risk of hurting your conversion rate? On January 18, join me for a website redesign case study webinar to find out how GPS Central eliminated the risk in their design process and increased sales by 15%. This webinar [...]

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