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Wall of Shame Screenshot: Subscribe or Unsubscribe?

Exhibit A

A brief and lighthearted post today based on something I saw (and screen-captured) that made me laugh out loud. Like an old boss of mine, I’m a screenshot addict. But before the screenshot, a little background: Every so often, I go through the emails I get on a regular basis and unsubscribe from a bunch [...]

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Walmart Launches Marketplace. Market-who?

Walmart Marketplace Yesterday, Walmart launched Walmart Marketplace, which will, apparently, give you “more of what you’re looking for – for less”. It’s an exciting development that some think positions the company to compete with Amazon. Unfortunately, no one knows what a “Marketplace” is, or how it’s different from a “Store”. What is it? The press [...]

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How to improve the customer experience

Seth Godin wrote this morning about a terrible user experience calling the KitchenAid IVR service line. The automated phone system is an easy target and one that many (arguably most) companies do a poor job of. It may be the most blatant customer experiences flaw your company is inflicting, but probably not the only one.

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Usability Tip: Try Being Your Own Customer

Some of the best usability advice you’ll ever get is to try being your own customer. If you haven’t bought a product or called a sales person in your company in the past three months, do it. Today. Seth Godin uses the example of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) frustration (which is often immediately followed by [...]

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Website Usability is Overrated

Usability is often where web marketers mistakenly turn when they need to improve the lead generation or e-commerce results from their web site. The problem is that Usability “experts” will often recommend a plethora of time-consuming and expensive projects that will beguile the marketer into believing that they’re increasing their site’s effectiveness. The sheer magnitude [...]

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