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Goward on Godin: Response to the unforgiving arithmetic of the funnel

1 percent conversion rate

Seth Godin’s observation that most marketers’ reaction to their respective funnels is to run more ads is sadly true. Most turn to spending more on demand generation, doubling-down on buying SEO links, tweeting more, looking for the next shiny new thing (what is it today, Augmented Reality, apparently. Pshaw…).

I’d like to add my comments to Seth’s recommendations on dealing with the funnel

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How BtoB and Consumer Marketing companies measure Social Media strategies – and why this new blog post matters to you today

Remarkably, the world today is filled with so-called social media experts and yet very few are measuring much or developing metrics that support the execution of a social media strategy based on ROI. Here is a glimpse of what leaders are doing.

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It’s Official: “The Best Way to Improve Conversions is Testing and Analysis” (but ad agencies don’t know that)

eMarketer reports on an Econsultancy study that revealed (!) that companies worldwide consider sales to be the #1 conversion relevant to them, with sign-ups and registrations a close second. Sales conversions are crucially important to business (you knew that) so what is really interesting to me is that the study revealed once again (we have [...]

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Is the Click-through in Trouble? (Are you kidding me?)

In a surprising (at least for me, anyway) article published in eMarketer this week entitled “More Trouble for the Click-Through”, the author describes the click-through as “a metric in decline”. This reminded me of Mark Twain’s retort that “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

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