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Conversion Optimization is a Hot Marketing Strategy for Video Game Developers (with a New Case Study)

Video game marketing conversion optimization

Today I’d like to highlight one of the many industries that we’ve seen benefiting from a conversion optimization strategy: video game makers. If you know of any in that space, please pass this post along for them. They’ll thank you for it.

It also includes a new case study from Electronic Arts’ conversion optimization strategy showing how they increased player signups by testing alternative signup paths.

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Should I test at the top or bottom of the funnel first?

Website Conversion Funnel

Here’s a recent question from a webinar attendee that deserves a post in itself.

I’ve heard conversion consultants advise that you should start by testing as far down the conversion funnel as you can. Do you agree?

The short answer: No!

Find out the slightly longer (and better) answer…

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How a Sales Person Helped Me Create Better Landing Pages


Employing the sales person’s time-honored techniques of relationship-building will help improve your landing pages. You can use peoples’ natural social tendencies to make your landing pages more conversational, engaging, and persuasive for conversions.

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The Long-Term Impact of a High Landing Page Bounce Rate – It Could Hurt Your AdWords Quality Score

AdWords Ad after visiting landing page

If you advertise with Google AdWords, bounce rate is important. Not only does each bounce cost you directly by losing a paid visitor, but now a high bounce rate can serious impact your campaign efficiency more than ever before. Your visitors can choose to “block all ads” and give Google a good reason to reduce your Quality Score.

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3 Lessons From My 1st WiderFunnel Test

3 lessons

Since I joined WiderFunnel in April, I’ve been busy getting to know new colleagues, learning a new conversion rate optimization approach, and working with a new group of enlightened clients on optimization strategy. With all that busy-ness, I’ve not been sharing my thoughts with the Marketing community as much as I used to. But since [...]

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Looking Forward to a ‘Fully Optimized’ 2011

(Disclaimer: this blog post contains no “predictions.” The good news: it does contain a free download to a LIFT Poster, yes,to “that airplane diagram” I keep getting asked about!) Thank you to our clients and friends – you are truly an inspiration to us!

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An Inconvenient Truth of Landing Page Optimization

Chris Goward Rob Snell orange hat

Chris Goward and Rob Snell at Conversion Conference I was speaking at Conversion Conference East in Arlington, VA last week and during one of my sessions, the very smart Rob Snell jokingly called out, “But I want a silver bullet to boost my conversion rate!” I knew that Rob was being facetious. He and his [...]

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How to Increase Email Address Captures on Landing Page Forms

Is capturing e-mail addresses a top priority? If Yes, then here is your chance to learn how you too can improve your online email capture conversion rate.

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Learn How Landing Page Optimization Lifted Order Form Entrances for Online Business Supplies Retailer by 210%

Here is an Ecommerce How-to Webinar invitation… learn how this online Business Supplies Retailer uses Landing Page Optimization to lift Order Form Entrances by 210%

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Predictions for 2010: “2010 is the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization”

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz predicts “2010 is the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization” – and we couldn’t agree more (but with a few reservations).

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