Two Ecommerce Trends to Watch this Holiday Season

Smartphone usage stats for holiday shopping

It’s about this time of year that e-commerce retailers email me asking how to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. For many retailers, holiday seasonality is critical. If you’re an online retailer, getting your conversion funnels optimized early and strategically will determine whether your year ends on a high note or a flat one.

Here are two trends that will affect online shopping as we enter the shopping season…

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8 Key Conversion Optimization Strategies to Ensure You (Actually) Test What Matters

Kevin Hillstrom

From time to time we invite thought leaders to contribute to this blog. This week, we are honored to bring to you Kevin Hillstrom’s insightful – and sometimes controversial – approach to Conversion Optimization testing.  Kevin Hillstrom is President of MineThatData, where he has worked with sixty-five e-commerce, retail, and catalog executives to understand the [...]

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No Need to Make Trade-offs in Ecommerce: Lifting Sales AND Revenue per Visitor is Excellence

All Pop Art Conversion Optimization

E-commerce retailing is brutally competitive. When you add to it additional challenges such as pressure from overseas producers as well as wrong customer perceptions about the value proposition that seem insurmountable, sometimes retailers give up. That’s why we are so proud of what our client AllPopArt, a producer of handcrafted pop art portraits and photos [...]

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The 80/20 Rule of Online Shopping Carts


The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, has lots of applications in the online marketing world, like here and here. I even wrote about it here in a past life. Another instance of the magical 80/20 ratio in Marketing occurred to me the other day as we were analyzing a client’s online checkout [...]

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Conversion Testing on Email Landing Pages– Who Knew It Could Lift Revenue per Visitor THIS Much: 41%!

wine express

Savvy marketers run tests on their email campaigns, but most are missing out on the post-click optimization experience: conversion optimization on email landing pages. In this post, you’ll learn how, an online wine shop, optimized its email landing page and achieved an impressive 41% lift in revenue per visitor!

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How end-to-end Ecommerce Conversion Optimization improves Both Sides of the Same (eCommerce) Coin

“Come back! Come back! Can you actually beckon your ecommerce clients abandoning their shopping carts to come back? Yes, you definitely can. Learn more about this missing opportunity here.

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The Official Website of the 2010 Olympics Store – the inside scoop

Janis Lanka of Elastic Path shares the “View from the Trenches” after completing four different A/B Split eCommerce Experiments on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics store with WiderFunnel.

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Learn How Landing Page Optimization Lifted Order Form Entrances for Online Business Supplies Retailer by 210%

Here is an Ecommerce How-to Webinar invitation… learn how this online Business Supplies Retailer uses Landing Page Optimization to lift Order Form Entrances by 210%

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How does a 50% eCommerce sales conversions lift sound to you?

If you are responsible for eCommerce Sales, then you should view the Sytropin Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization case study now. It shows how Sytropin management was able to break out of a ‘conversion rate plateau’ and generate a 50% leap in retail sales conversion rate from their AdWords landing page. In our previously presented webinar, [...]

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How Conversion Optimization Addresses the Challenge of a Single-product eCommerce site and lifts conversions by 50%

Winning Test Page If you run a single-product eCommerce site, as opposed to multi-product niche stores, you know you face unique challenges. Most marketers, even multi-product eCommerce marketers, aren’t aware of the unique complexities you face: • Market must be created • Product must be seen to be appreciated

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