Mobile Marketing Optimization Q&A

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Chris Goward was the keynote speaker at the Conversions@Google Summit on October 20th 2014. His presentation on Mobile Marketing Optimization spurred a great Question and Answer period. Here is how Chris defined mobile optimization during his presentation: A lot of people think mobile is the difference between a desktop and a phone. Some people – [...]

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The Definitive FAQ List for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization FAQ

Month after month, we at WiderFunnel continue our free webinar series to show the best strategies for digital marketing success. We always have lively Q&A sessions at the end, where we answer your Conversion Optimization queries. This post will become the start of an ongoing compilation to create the ultimate, definitive conversion rate optimization questions and answers. Chances are, you’ve had one or more of these questions too.

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How to Know When You’ve Done Too Much Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization can never stop

I’m often asked, “Is there such a thing as too much testing and/or optimizing?” It’s not an unusual question. In many of my conference presentations, someone asks me something similar and I’d like to answer it today in our ongoing series of conversion optimization FAQs.

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How to Prioritize Conversion Rate Optimization Tests Using PIE

How to prioritize website tests

A common conversion optimization question, How do I know where to test first? Here are the three criteria to prioritize your tests: Potential, Importance and Ease. Let’s look at how to use them.

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Why Your Conversion Rate Doesn’t Matter (aka Conversion Rates are Relative)

Conversion rates are relative

In 1907, a brilliant physicist proposed that “truth” is defined by the perspective from which it is observed. It seems to me that marketers still need to apply the concept of relativity to their conversion rates.

In the post, I hope to convince you that conversion rates are irrelevant. That’s right; they don’t matter.

Find out what your conversion rate doesn’t matter and the one exception. There’s only one time that it does matter—very much!

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Should I test at the top or bottom of the funnel first?

Website Conversion Funnel

Here’s a recent question from a webinar attendee that deserves a post in itself.

I’ve heard conversion consultants advise that you should start by testing as far down the conversion funnel as you can. Do you agree?

The short answer: No!

Find out the slightly longer (and better) answer…

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What are landing page elements that contribute to increased conversions?

The Perfect Landing Page

What are the key design elements in landing pages that contribute to increased conversions? How do tips and tricks compare with continuous improvement? What are the top two factors for conversion design? Here’s my answer to one of the great questions raised in the recent focus Improving Landing Page Conversion Rates roundtable discussion.

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