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Test Being Different To Make Massive Gains

Tea cozy toque

I’m going to tell you two things today:
1. A “toque” is a kind of knitted hat worn in Canada in winter
2. To make big wins, sometimes you need to try something different.

The other day, my daughter decided that her grandma’s tea cozy would make a good toque.

It wasn’t because the other kids were wearing tea cozies on their heads – it wasn’t a new trend and she wasn’t following fashion. She just felt like trying something different. And you know what? It worked for her – she rocked that tea cozy.

The funny thing is: I don’t think it took any courage for her to do it. She’s the kind of person who (so far at least) hasn’t been convinced other people’s opinions should dictate her actions.

I think there are plenty of companies that could benefit from her approach.

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The Truth Behind the Yin and Yang of Conversion Rate Optimization

Yin Yang of conversion optimization

I’m going to advocate for the flip side of the conversion coin today. I’m delving into the “dark side” that is rarely discussed. At WiderFunnel, we always advocate the importance of testing and data-driven decision making. The truth is that you can’t do conversion optimization without testing and web analytics is important for identifying optimization [...]

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12 Distractions on one landing page: Is your website better?

Daniel simons gorilla distraction research

The problem of Distraction is one of the most important hindrances to your website’s conversion performance. Your visitors brains are like computer CPUs, just like yours. We may think we’re smart, but we have limited processing power and any “application” we run can use it up and reduce our ability to process other applications (e.g. other streams of information). By removing these major distracting elements, you can greatly lift your conversion rate and profit.

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The Definitive FAQ List for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization FAQ

Month after month, we at WiderFunnel continue our free webinar series to show the best strategies for digital marketing success. We always have lively Q&A sessions at the end, where we answer your Conversion Optimization queries. This post will become the start of an ongoing compilation to create the ultimate, definitive conversion rate optimization questions and answers. Chances are, you’ve had one or more of these questions too.

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Magento Imagine E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Recorded Presentation Video

Magento Imagine Conversion Surgeon Chris Goward

Magento invited me to speak about Conversion Optimization at their amazing Magento Imagine eCommerce conference this year. They put on a superb event with top quality speakers, concerts, fashion shows and dinners. They also put out the extra effort and cost to record and professionally edit the sessions and release them for free!

We were also thrilled to announce at the event that Magento has selected WiderFunnel as their official Conversion Rate Optimization agency! We’re in the midst of some very cool tests with them and plan to release a case study with details soon.

Thankfully, my presentation was well received and I thought you might like to see it too, so here it is…

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13 Ways Conversion Rate Optimization is like Sex in High School


Everyone says they’re doing it but few are doing it well. Many have danced with conversion optimization, flirted with testing, even committed to a test or two, then either given up or lost support (and friends!) Companies who try out conversion optimization testing often fall into common traps. I want to help you avoid those. Here are the 13 most common ways you can screw up your conversion optimization.

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How to Know When You’ve Done Too Much Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization can never stop

I’m often asked, “Is there such a thing as too much testing and/or optimizing?” It’s not an unusual question. In many of my conference presentations, someone asks me something similar and I’d like to answer it today in our ongoing series of conversion optimization FAQs.

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How to Prioritize Conversion Rate Optimization Tests Using PIE

How to prioritize website tests

A common conversion optimization question, How do I know where to test first? Here are the three criteria to prioritize your tests: Potential, Importance and Ease. Let’s look at how to use them.

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The Top 5 Surprising Tips from A/B Tests

Morgan Freeman Sells Stuff

We often test innovative experiences that push the boundaries of what’s expected. Many times, we discover new tactics that work so well that we keep them locked tightly in our conversion knowledgebase.

Today, I’ve decided to share the top 5 winning A/B test tips. You should try these on your website immediately.

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How Behavioural Design Creates the Best User Experiences

Behavioral design creates the best user experience

The influence of new research in Behavioural Design is far-reaching. The field tackles complex societal challenges, but how can it be applied to your business and website?

Apps and websites that are most successful have found a way to create a wonderful user experience. They apply the latest research in behavioural influence, and also test within their context.

I can attest to the mixed results with a recent app experience.

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