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WiderFunnel is a different kind of place. Probably different than anywhere you’ve worked before.

It is full of A-players, working as a tight-knit group with the focused goal of delivering big results for our clients. We truly have fun while doing great work and learning on the leading edge of our disciplines. What more could you ask for?

Which of These Jobs Would Excite You?

We are looking for an expert

Digital marketer

We are looking for an expert

HR coordinator (maternity leave)

We are looking for an expert

Sales development representative

We are looking for an expert

QA specialist

We are looking for an expert

Optimization coordinator

We are looking for an expert

Front end developer

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Megan Lewin

HR Manager

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We love the culture here so much, we decided to co-create a set of guiding principles we live by. This really is a list of the most important things to us that help us make decisions every day.

Grit. We don’t quit until we find an answer.
Trust. We support each other to excel.
Integrity. We do what’s best for our clients.
Maverick. We dare to test new ideas.
Curiosity. We learn and improve always

How culture produces great work and attracts a‑players

Hard working. Fast paced, flexible decision making (opposed to corporations with large hierarchy nets), collaborative, supportive and fun.

Victoria Petriw

Victoria Petriw
Manager of Operations at WiderFunnel | Vancouver, BC

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