The Surprising Power of Testing your Gut Instinct for Business


You can’t analyze how a great painting makes you feel. You can’t compute the beauty of a sunset. There’s no algorithm for the ocean’s majesty. Similarly, some of the best ideas in business come in a wonderful, inexplicable flashes of insight. I was in New York for a couple days this week and then in [...]

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Test Being Different To Make Massive Gains

Tea cozy toque

I’m going to tell you two things today:
1. A “toque” is a kind of knitted hat worn in Canada in winter
2. To make big wins, sometimes you need to try something different.

The other day, my daughter decided that her grandma’s tea cozy would make a good toque.

It wasn’t because the other kids were wearing tea cozies on their heads – it wasn’t a new trend and she wasn’t following fashion. She just felt like trying something different. And you know what? It worked for her – she rocked that tea cozy.

The funny thing is: I don’t think it took any courage for her to do it. She’s the kind of person who (so far at least) hasn’t been convinced other people’s opinions should dictate her actions.

I think there are plenty of companies that could benefit from her approach.

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The Truth Behind the Yin and Yang of Conversion Rate Optimization

Yin Yang of conversion optimization

I’m going to advocate for the flip side of the conversion coin today. I’m delving into the “dark side” that is rarely discussed. At WiderFunnel, we always advocate the importance of testing and data-driven decision making. The truth is that you can’t do conversion optimization without testing and web analytics is important for identifying optimization [...]

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Nine Strategies for Becoming the Marketing Optimization Champion Your Company Can’t Live Without


I’d like to share a few techniques today that will help you more effectively sell good ideas within your organization. You can use these to advocate for conversion optimization or any other business improvement.

Your company needs you to step up and be an influence for marketing testing.

Fortunately, being your organization’s champion is very rewarding. Marketing testing is one of the most easily provable strategies, and the rationale for it is unassailable. When you stand as an advocate of the data-driven approach, you’ll reap the rewards in your career. Measurement advocates inevitably rise to positions of influence.

Here are nine tips for becoming your organization’s marketing optimization champion.

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