Ask your questions here for the optimization Ask Me Anything

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This week, for the first time ever, WiderFunnel’s entire optimization team will answer your questions on this ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) thread. Add your questions here!

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Design your A/B Tests to get consistently better results


If your A/B testing results are disappointing, it may not only be what you are testing – it is definitely how you are testing. Learn how to structure your tests the right way.

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Checkout Funnel: Is the Shortest Path Always Best?

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Not optimizing your checkout funnel could be costing you millions. I’ve helped a lot of companies optimize their e-commerce websites and mobile apps checkout funnels. My clients often have questions like: How many pages, steps, or even minutes, does a user take to get from decision to purchase? What are best practices to increase conversions [...]

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Anxiety Attacks! (Or, how to stop worrying and love the Privacy Statement)


Trust is everything in a relationship. That motto is repeated in countless self-help books, couples therapy workshops, and by pretty much everyone named Dr. “Something” on TV. Trust can be established or broken in many ways, and working on regaining trust can be a long process in inter-personal relationships.  Unfortunately, when it comes to interaction [...]

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