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About Us: Conversion Rate Experts

We test everything we recommend and, unlike traditional digital agencies, we focus on design for conversion, not just “aesthetics.” We only work with people who want to make measurable and large improvements in their business.

We plan, design and deliver web pages and landing pages for our clients that are statistically proven to convert more visitors into leads or customers.

We live and die by our test results. We start every day by reviewing all the live tests to make tactical decisions, and help determine the mood in the office.

Our team of talented and friendly Conversion Specialists includes Strategists, Designers, Copy Writers, Account Managers, and Developers—all focused on creating the best possible strategies and tests. All of our team members have extensive experience in their specialties.

Since 2007, WiderFunnel has been on the leading edge of developing this new and fast growing area of expertise called Conversion Optimization.

Why You Can Trust WiderFunnel for Conversion Optimization


Conversion Optimization is all we do. We have run more tests than anyone and our record of success improving conversion rates speaks for itself.

Unbiased and Technology-Agnostic

We work with any and all testing tools, so you can get the best results, regardless of your technical requirements. We don’t resell technology, so our advice is unbiased.

Proven Conversion Optimization Results

All of our clients have seen conversion rate lift of between 10% and over 700% – and we are happy to share client success stories and references with you.


We have been doing A/B/n split testing and Multivariate testing with clients since before 2007 and are experienced and authorized consultants for all the most popular testing tools. We speak at conferences globally to evangelize the latest thinking in conversion optimization and our CEO, Chris Goward, is a published author of “You Should Test That!“, a popular book developed in cooperation with Wiley Sybex.

The A/B/n and Multivariate Testing Experts

Based on learning from thousands of scientific tests our Dream Team of planning, design and technical experts ready to help you increase your conversion rates.

A Unique, Airtight Process

Our industry-first Kaizen Method™ combines analytics insights with our extensive testing expertise to maximize your ROI.

Full outsourcing

We deliver end-to-end testing services from planning and hypotheses to graphic design, copywriting and html. You get results without the extra work for your busy team.

Speed to Market

We design experiments to complete in less than three weeks – so you improve your conversion rate fast.

Companies that outsource their conversion optimization to WiderFunnel experience significantly improved Conversion Rates without extra work for their marketing or web teams.

WiderFunnel provides an all-inclusive solution – including all the Conversion Optimization strategy, planning, hypothesis development, copywriting, graphic design, HTML development, technical implementation, and reporting.

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