At WiderFunnel, We Love Our Work

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WiderFunnel Core Strategy Team

WiderFunnel is a different kind of place. Probably different than anywhere you’ve worked before.

It is full of A-players, working as a tight-knit group with the focused goal of delivering big results for our clients. We truly have fun while doing great work and learning on the leading edge of our disciplines. What more could you ask for?

Which of These Jobs Would Excite You?

Inside Sales Executive

We are looking for an Inside Sales Executive to build and manage the pipeline by systematic selling, upselling and cross-selling the steady stream of high-quality business leads pouring in.
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Sales Development Representative

As a Sales Development Rep (SDR) at WiderFunnel, you’ll do your fair share of customer outreach, but you’re smarter than a cold caller. You get referred to your prospects. You’re able to do that, because you’ve spent the time researching your prospects to determine if they’re the right fit for WiderFunnel.
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Optimization Coordinator

Join our team and have a chance to create huge profit improvements for great clients using WiderFunnel's Conversion Optimization System. This is a client-facing role that requires exceptional conversion optimization, web analytics, usability, persuasion, and communication skills and experience.
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Front End Developer – HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Vancouver

You love opportunities to develop beautiful web pages and solve new technical challenges every day using your CSS, Javascript and jQuery expertise. Here’s a chance for you to do good work for great clients, work with smart people, and have fun.
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UI/UX Designer for Conversion Optimization

Our designers create graphic design for A/B and multivariate web site experiments that dramatically improve conversion rates and revenues. If you have can craft beautiful page designs within client graphic standards and are excited to learn the design principles that generate more leads and sales, you need to speak with us. You will work on many client projects, from mid-sized to the largest global companies, across many industries.
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Conversion Optimization Strategist, Vancouver

If you love opportunities to solve client's web conversion problems every day using your understanding of web design, marketing, UX and psychology, along with your awesome client service approach, this is the position for you. The position is full-time.
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WiderFunnel’s Core Values

We love the culture here so much, we decided to co-create a set of guiding principles we live by. This really is a list of the most important things to us that help us make decisions every day.

WiderFunnel Values

If these values feel right to you too, you should check out the positions below and talk with us. Even if there isn’t a perfect job open for you right now, we’re always looking to meet smart people who are driven to do great work.